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The Yggdrasil, also known as the World Tree or Tree of Life, is a location in God of War (2018).

Norse Mythology

In Norse mythology, the Yggdrasil (the name is believed to translate to "Odin's Horse" ) is the center of the Norse cosmos. Each of the Nine Realms exist among the branches of the tree, and their fates are intertwined.


The Tree of Life is bound to the fate of the world, just as we are bound to it. The tree nourishes our soils. The dew from its leaves feeds our valleys and rivers. The tree's very existence supports all of creation among its boughs, its life energy interwoven into the tapestry of life... birth, growth, death, and rebirth... every strand, transcending time, transcending space. Everything comes back to the tree.

Freya explaining the Yggdrasil to Kratos and Atreus

The Yggdrasil is a massive yew tree, believed to be the center of the Norse cosmos. Each of the Nine Realms exist among the trees branches and roots, with the tree itself existing in the Realm between Realms.

Within the realms, the tree has multiple utilities. Collecting dew from its branches (which can be found near bodies of water) will provide permanent stat upgrades. Additionally, crystallized Yggdrasil sap is a powerful conductor of electricity: hitting it with any electricity will create an explosion.

By using Mystic Gateways, one can enter the Realm between Realms and walk along the World Tree's branches to more quickly reach other realms. Should one stray from the branch's path, they will be erased from being unless they have proper protection, such as the Unity Stone.


As the Yggdrasil is said to transcend time and space, there can be no origin ascribed to it.

When the giants retreated to Jötunheim, they enlisted the help of Týr to hide the travel tower among one of the World Tree's roots, preventing any Aesir from reaching their home. It would later be returned by Kratos and Atreus.

According to prophecy, the battle between Jörmungandr and Thor will shake Yggdrasil so violently that it will splinter, sending the World Serpent back to a time before its birth.