Wulver are ferocious enemies that appear in God of War (2018).

Wulvers are powerful, formidable beasts resembling werewolves that possess immense strength and speed. They can attack Kratos by charging at him, swiping at him with their paws, or extending their claws and going berserk. They also have a grab attack that cannot be blocked and inflicts continuous damage. The player needs to rapidly shake the beast off or use the Spartan Rage to get free.

Kratos can grab a stunned wulver and beat it into submission. If enough damage is done, Kratos can kill it by brutally ripping its jaws apart, splitting it in half to the waist and exposing its organs.


In Celtic Mythology, the Wulvers are a kind of werewolf that is part of the folklore of the Shetland islands off the coast of Scotland. In history, the wulver kept to itself and was not aggressive if left in peace, which is ironic considering it is an enemy in-game. Unlike most werewolves the Wulver is not a shapeshifter and is not, nor was it ever, a human being. It appears to be a sort of immortal spirit.

Types of Wulver

Wulver's come in a two different classes

  • Wulver - Standard form. They usually stalk Kratos and are able to dodge Kratos' Axe throw unless already staggered. If the Beast extends its claws, they become more powerful and can perform heavier attacks, including an unblockable combo.
  • Fierce Wulver - Tougher, stronger and more aggressive than standard wulvers. Some of their attacks are too powerful to block.


  • When half of their health bar is gone, Wulvers will enter a berserked state in which additional protrusions will grow from their forelimbs. Their damage output increases dramatically at this state and they will become more aggressive.
  • Wulvers will only enter berserked state if given opportunity for the animation to play. Stunning, immobilizing or dealing enough damage to kill the Wulver quickly can prevent the transformation.



  • The Wulvers are creatures that do not originate from Norse Mythology. They originate from the Celtic Mythology, much like the Banshee from previous games. 
  • Wulvers can be considered the Nordic equivalent of Satyrs from the previous game as they both have great combat capabilities, often encountered in pairs, are considered to be one of the tougher enemies in the game and both have several unblockable attacks. 
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