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The Wild Cerberus (also called Horned Cerberus) is a sub-boss and the first species of Cerberus found in God of War II. Kratos finds him at the entrance of the Island of Creation, in the Gardens of Lahkesis.

In God of War II

They have the hair of the head, tail and paw white, while the rest of this body is green. Each one of his heads has a pair of horns. The horns of the middle head are the largest, and the others in two heads are very small. They breathe fire and strike with a bunch of Rabid Hounds. He also attacks with his claws and thrusts Kratos holding the ground, hitting him also with claws, until he breaks free and kicks him away. After weakening them, a quick-time event can be enacted, in which Kratos will cut off one of the heads. This will occur twice in the battle. The third time a quick-time will occur, Kratos wrestles with the remaining, middle head. Eventually, he will impale the head with his blade and break the neck ending the beast.


  • The Wild Cerberus, only appears once in the main story of the game, as he attacks Kratos in the Garden of Lahkesis.
    • He re-appears in several challenges of the Challenge of the Fates and in the Arena of the Fates makes it possible to fight against three Cerberi at a time.
  • In the first demo, the Wild Cerberus was fought in an arena in the Bog of the Forgotten, other early screenshots depicts the battle taking place near the Destiny's Gap.


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