The Gods came to me, told me that their champion would come and rescue us from the Hydra. But you're too late, we're pinned down! These creatures, they came from out of nowhere. The ships are all destroyed! All hope is lost, Spartan! Even for y--!

–Warning Sailor, before being killed by the Undead Archers


Kratos and the sailor.

The Warning Sailor was one of the few warriors of Kratos' Fleet that survived the initial attack by the Hydra and Ares' forces.

God of War

The sailor hid on the deck of one of the ships, backed up against a wall, with his fellow sailors dead next to him. Pinned down by a group of Undead archers at the other end of the ship, he was approached by Kratos, and tried to warn the Spartan about the group of archers. He was killed by an arrow while speaking to Kratos, which ripped through his skull, stopping the man mid-sentence.

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