They were not there by chance, Kratos!.

–Illusion of the Oracle cast by Tisiphone.

God of War

The Village Oracle is an African woman of a village that Kratos slaughtered that included his wife Lysandra and child, Calliope. When Kratos and his men came to destroy the village, the oracle warned him not to enter the temple as dark things would await the young spartan. However, kratos merely moved her aside and went on kill all those inside the temple including his beloved wife and daughter who had been placed at the temple by Ares, the god of war. The oracle had then laughed spitefully at the grieving kratos who was cuddling the bodies of his slaughered family.

After kratos had exited the building and cursed Ares for his actions the oracle had proclaimed that "From this night forward the mark of your terrible deed will be visible to all, the ashes of your wife and child, will remain fastened to your skin never to be removed." therefore creating the infamous nickname of the "Ghost of Sparta" and setting for the events to come later on in the series.



  • The 24th Greek letter "Omega" that the Oracle carries around her neck is also the symbol that appears on the front cover of all the games in the God of War series, implying that Kratos is the "end" for the gods.
  • She is voiced by Susanne Blakeslee, the actress who also portrays the Oracle of Athens and later Gaia in God of War III.
  • She was seen briefly in God Of War: Ascension, when Tisiphone disguised herself as the Village Oracle, saying: They were not there by chance, Kratos, before Kratos kills Tisiphone.
  • It is unknown why Kratos didn't kill the oracle before/after she cursed him.
  • It is unknown why Kratos didn't use his powers to remove the ashes once he became a god. It is possible that this was a development error or that Kratos kept the ashes to remind himself of his beloved family, however it could be that not even the powers of a God can rid him of the mark of his past sins.

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