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Vanaheim, also known as Vanaheimr, is one of the Nine Realms of the World Tree and the home of the Vanir Gods.


The home of the Vanir has been described as a realm with lushful gardens and abundant fields. However, it was also one of the battlefields in the Vanir's raging war against the Aesir, thus was ravaged after the centuries-long war.

It was the marriage of Freya, one of the leaders of the Vanir, with Odin, the King of the Aesir, what finally brought peace to Vanaheim and the rest of the realms.

After the marriage's fallout, Odin locked the path to Vanaheim through Týr's Temple, allowing nobody to visit the realm.

Freya's house has a magical view of Vanaheim through one of its windows. It depicts a forest of thick and tall leaf-less trees, blooming flowers growing in its soil and autumn skies.

Vanaheim itself hasn't been shown beyond Freya's window view so far, however, some people that Kratos and Atreus have crossed paths with have some history with the God Realm.

Besides Freya herself, one of the Dwarves they met, Sindri, went to Vanaheim to study and learn the mystical arts of the Vanir to complement his smithing skills.



  • It was most likely during his studies in Vanaheim that Sindri heard from a Vanir witch about the existence of the "little beasties" (microbes).
  • Vanaheim's rune is Ingwaz (ᛜ), which translates to "the god Yngvi". Yngvi is thought to have been an older name for Freyr.
  • The Realm travel door for Vanaheim depicts two massive trees native to Vanaheim with all kinds strange fauna surrounding it and jellyfish like creatures. It is the only door that does not show any humanoids and only shows nature.