Valhalla is an unseen part of Asgard, mentioned in God of War (2018).


Valhalla is the home of fallen warriors who have been gathered by the Valkyries. These warriors will fight and feast until the day of Ragnarök.

When Odin cursed the Valkyries, they became unable to fulfill their task of gathering warriors who had died in battle. This led to an increase of the dead in Helheim to the point where it was overflowing and the dead were walking around in the mortal realm.

Kratos and Atreus have the option of freeing the Valkyries, allowing them to return to their task and restore balance to the world.

Known Residents


  • Mimir states that the Aesir have their own special way to Valhalla, even if the Valkyries aren't present. From this it can be assumed that Baldur, Magni, and Modi all ended up in Valhalla after they were killed.
    • Interestingly, in Norse mythology, Baldur ended up in Helheim instead of Valhalla after his death. Whether or not this holds true in the games' continuity is currently unknown.
  • Valhalla is equivalent of Elysium Fields from the previous games, they both special way to Afterlife who died of heroic and noble death as well in the glorious battle.
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