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Hi, welcome to God of War Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the User:Uglyguy25 page.

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I'm glad that you decided to make an account, you seem very knowledgeable when it comes to mythology and God of War. I hope that you make valuable edits on pages and I also hope that your multiplayer ideas are not copied or stolen, as, like I've said before, they are very good. Shmeagle Two wrongs don't make a right, but they do make a good exuse 11:23, September 29, 2012 (UTC)

Hello there. My name is Ersason or Ers. Do you like mythology? You like writing about Greek Mythology? I am a writer at the Percy Jackson Fanfiction Wikia. We write about Greek Mythology revolving around the children of the Greek Gods (Demigods) who have to deal with living in the 21st century with Gods/Monsters and Titans. If you are interested, contact me Arion doesn't need a stable He is more of a free spirit 22:43, October 30, 2012 (UTC)

Percy Jackson Fanfiction Wiki Come along at anytime, but if you come on now, I can help you fit in! Arion doesn't need a stable He is more of a free spirit 00:26, November 1, 2012 (UTC)

RE: Shrine of Boreas

Yep, that'd be fine. I'll have a look now. Shmeagle Two wrongs don't make a right, but they do make a good exuse 22:25, December 6, 2012 (UTC)

I've had a check and it seemed fine (except a few tiny things), you did a really good job with your first page. Shmeagle Two wrongs don't make a right, but they do make a good exuse 22:36, December 6, 2012 (UTC)

Thanks for your help, Shmeagle. It's always good to have someone experient to count with. Uglyguy25 (talk) 00:03, December 7, 2012 (UTC)Uglyguy25

Reply to the blog post

Sorry I couldn't have replied quicker, the blog kept freezing each time I tried to reply and so I thought it'd be better if I'd just message you in your talk page. Before I answer the question about what I think about Stheno I'll quickly say that there are costumes in Ascension - I don't know how they're unlocked but they're there. There's the olive skin Kratos and the loads of preset costumes from multiplayer, I don't think any of them change stats though which is a shame.

About what I think of Stheno, I actually have the complete opposite image of what she looks like but I still think your ideas are very good and interesting, I like how she's actually got character in your version instead of just the 'big scary monster' that she's usually portrayed as. In the God of War series I expected her to be more monstrous than Euryale but better looking (although that really isn't hard), basically I thought she'd have loads of armour on and be able to wield weapons like a pair of double bladed swords. I expected her to be more tactical with how she attacked and how she used her magic, varying her beam up to really powerful blasts or just weak beams that slowly turn Kratos to stone. I'd expect her to mix and match with how she attacked as if she was use to battles. Based off the appearances of the Gorgon sisters in the God of War series, I thought that Medusa looked as if she didn't fight very often and only if she needed to - the little laugh at the beginning of the fight showed us that she was overconfident in her abilities and so she wasn't an experienced warrior (probably quite naive). Euryale didn't look as if she got out much so probably didn't fight unless she was forced, in the myths she was really quite depressed so I think it'd be reasonable to assume that she didn't look for fights and probably killed the least amount of men compared to both her sisters. Stheno on the other hand was meant to have killed more than both of her sisters combined so I'd assume that she would be designed like a scaled and Euryale-sized version of a Gorgon serpent with loads of sharp armour, she could've even had wings.

In mythology I actually just expected her to look really old and grumpy (in the sense that if you walked into her 'house' you wouldn't leave with all your limbs intact), I thought she'd be unnaturally muscular for an old woman (her name meant 'strength' so it'd be reasonable to assume that she was pretty powerful) with huge wings and tusks larger than both of her sister's. I prefer to go with the myth that she coudln't turn people to stone as that made her somehow more threatening as she must've been pretty deadly to kill more than Medusa without the power. I would actually expect her to go around looking for fights in villages and towns, if the sisters lived together then she'd probably be the matriarch and guard the 'house'. Shmeagle Two wrongs don't make a right, but they do make a good exuse 23:25, March 23, 2013 (UTC)

I'm glad you're back. The wiki is looking desert. I know there should be lots of things to be edited now that Ascension's been released, but no one is doing it. I guess they're all too busy with the game... There are lots of pages that need new information of the game. And the funny part is that pages that have nothing to do with it, like Thanatos, Hercules, Hydra etc, are being edited normally.

I thought you weren't replying because I was annoying (like usual) or your computer/cell phone had crashed, like your playstation, because for the first time in the wiki I spent much more than an hour without seeing your name in the "most recent edited pages". More than 3 days. That's quite weird, you know? And you couldn't have gotten distracted with Ascension and forgotten about the wiki because you couldn't play the game with your broken ps3, so I was even worried.

Well, and I "stood" here in the wiki, because it looks like I'm the only one in it who doens't have Ascension yet. Also, I can't help in adding content to the pages because I don't have the game, and I'm not watching walkthroughs because I don't want spoilers. I'll see if I can get it in April.

I liked your opinion about Stheno. I didn't know the true meaning of her name. That's interesting how they got the "strongest" gorgon to be the last one to appear. I hope your computer/cell phone doesn't freeze in here. What was wrong anyway? Did you find a way to play the game, like in another playstation, and forget about the wiki like everyone else, did you fix your playstation (if not, good luck with that), did your computer/phone stop working or am I just bothering too much? You can be honest.Uglyguy25 (talk) 00:30, March 25, 2013 (UTC)

No, you're not bothering me at all :) The computer I use had an update that I thought would help so I installed it, however, it just makes it more susceptible to crashing on the Wiki and it always crashes on any blog post with more than something like 15 posts, it's getting really annoying. Luckily talk pages can be very big and not crash at all do I should have no problem replying quickly.

I haven't really edited much on the Wiki because I think anything I have to add has already been added, I'll start up again when it's all completely settled down. I also managed to persuade a friend to let me borrow their PS3 to play Ascension so I've played through the game and I'll have to admit that there's not that much to add after the game - there's still some things but many story components are over in minutes and don't add too much. Those that did add a lot have already been mentioned on the wiki. It was a good game and deserved more than the lukewarm reception it got by critics but it wasn't as good as the others for certain aspects of the combat. Shmeagle Two wrongs don't make a right, but they do make a good exuse 07:36, March 25, 2013 (UTC)

It's nice to hear that. I'm gonna buy the game anyway, but it's good to know it isn't as bad as everyone is saying. I think pages like The Fires of Ares need more information. This one isn't saying much, like why did Ares give it to Kratos, how and where it's obtained, it just explains the magic effect. Apollo needs to be actualized to explain if he's in the game or not, and I really don't know that yet. I think he isn't, since no one is talking about him, and that makes me sad, but I can't be sure.

I'll just keep my critics about the characters' designs. First, I saw a Persian like elephant. Then, men possessed by green bugs. After that, weird serpent Gorgons. And now I saw the new Chimeras. Who had the genious idea of making ice Chimeras? It's like they had just told each other: "Chimeras were so good in GoW 3... Let's put them back in Ascension!" "Ok, but we need to find a way to make them better." "..." "Let's make them spit ice instead of fire!". And let's not talk about Stheno... again...

At least, multiplayer is really cool, from what I've been seeing. I hope to get as addicted to it as everyone else already is. And I know I will... If only I can get enough time to play it. If I get the game, I'll try to become a servant of Poseidon. He seems to be the nicest god to me.

What god are you going to choose when you play the game? Maybe you can help me to choose mine, too. I know each god gives different powers and abilities, but I don't know each one's perks. That's something you could edit, too, if you don't mind: you could write down in the Multiplayer page about each allegiance's perks and disavantages. It'd be really useful for me and other readers of the wiki, because we could know it before choosing a god.

I need to get used to signing my comments, because always that I post a comment in a talk page I forget to sign it when I finish it. Uglyguy25 (talk) 23:20, March 25, 2013 (UTC)

I'll go and change some of the pages to make them more useful, thanks for telling me :) And I agree with the design choices in this game being off, the developers seem to have spent ages on some really detailed common enemies (the Empusa was well designed even if it was far from what it was like in mythology) but no time on others, like the centaur generals or cyclops Beserkers that have not had their animation or overall design changed at all - they would've been better changing the centaurs to something better and leaving the Chimeras out of the game. No matter how cool they looked, they don't have to be in Amy other game but God of War III - especially not an ice Chimera as that gets rid of the whole point of the beast. If I remember correctly, it only appears once - would it have hurt for them to make a new creature design instead of just changing what they've already done for the worst?

I made a deal with three other friends about the God of War multiplayer god and I got given Ares, I'm not a big fan of the god himself but he does give powerful attacks and that could help my play style. As far as I know Poseidon is there for support and he gets some pretty awesome ice and water attacks.

As far as I know, there is no explanation for why the gods give you any magic, there's literally just a pot that you stick your swords in and hey presto! You've got power. They could've shown some of Kratos' 'nicer' side when he got the magic in cut scenes, but oh well, you get nearly all of the magic very early on anyway. But speaking about things going by too quickly, there's not a lot of multiplayer armour. Granted, some of it is very difficult to get but there should be at least ten complete sets of armour that are different for each god, this goes for weapons as well, and that doesn't include the other armour that anyone can get.

I've just realised/remembered something, there's an armour set called the "armour of Medusa" (because none of the other Gorgons are even remembered) and to get the helmet you have to wake Stheno three times. However, she is not referred to as Stheno at all, she's just called 'the Gorgon' which I found a little strange, this is also the case in game as well - is that poorly designed monster really Stheno? Shmeagle Two wrongs don't make a right, but they do make a good exuse 16:35, March 26, 2013 (UTC)

I'd even prefer that she wasn't. If only she had a mouth, she could really be "re-used" in a new GoW game. I don't think they're going to make any new game after this one, but it'd be good anyway. After I saw her in a multiplayer video, instead of only in pictures, I noticed what you were talking about. There's no point in designing her without a mouth, or dumb and moveless when she's already released from her statue. They could say she's just another gorgon, but I don't think any normal gorgon could be of that size. That's a real shame: a character that had a great potential for the game and was simply wasted like that.

Yeah, from all the four gods, I guess Poseidon is the best one for me. Healing faster, with strong defense, helping my friends and "firing" ice at my enemies' face. What else could I ask for? Thanks for helping me to decide.

I can't see the point of connecting Poseidon to ice powers, by the way. First, they gave him blue eletricity, because it would be quite ridiculous if the god of the seas attacked people by throwing shells at them. Nothing wrong with his eletricity, it's even a cool power in the games. But ice?

First, they associated ice to Boreas. That does make some sense, since he's the coldest wind. But Poseidon and ice don't match that much. They even wasted the chance to put a new character, Enceladus, in the game. Sorry for talking about him again, but I still think he'd be great in the game. He'd even fit the story, since he was against the gods. A new character, which actually belongs to mythology, with cool powers and a good reason to fight Kratos. And they changed him for Poseidon. Let's admit, even Boreas would've been a better character to give Kratos this power, but Enceladus was the most perfect one for this job.

But I can even see the reason they put Poseidon in singleplayer, and I know you noticed this, too: they purposely made the singleplayer's magics come from Zeus, Poseidon, Hades and Ares, so that it'd be a complete copy of the mentors of multiplayer. They either weren't wanting to create new graphics for magics or got addicted to these gods, because they did have many other nice characters that could give Kratos some good magics.

I didn't know Kratos acquired all magics by putting his Blades in pots. Really? He simply gets all the magics in the same way, and not even in fights? I really thought they'd learned not to do this after GoW 1. Again, it looks like they forgot they forgot about singleplayer to focus on multiplayer.

Before I forget, thanks for editing Multiplayer and the other pages. Uglyguy25 (talk) 18:02, March 26, 2013 (UTC)

No problem, they did need editing. You're right about the gods being overused for no reason other than to accommodate for the multiplayer. Ares would not help Kratos that easily so there's no way that the Fire of Ares to have come from the god himself, this would mean that the wall and power was there already and that begs the question why nobody else had decided to try and use it. Like you said, it would've been far better to get the power from a fight. Even if they just had 'giant electric monster' and 'giant fire monster' it's still better that the Pot of Power that just appears for no reason.

As you said, they had other characters with so much potential that they could've used and that would've fit better with the stories. Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, and Ares are getting boring in the God of War series - it would've been far better to have met some new characters instead of revisiting old ones. They could've given Ascension a bigger identity with bigger characters that were less well known. However, they may have been afraid to do this as critics were complaining that the Furies weren't well known enough and this took away from the game - I thought it added to it. To be honest, the big three gods and Ares are old news and there are more interesting characters to move onto.

Thinking about it, did you ever feel that the gods in God of War didn't feel like gods except Ares? I never felt that Zeus, Poseidon, or Hades were powerful enough to be anything more that what you'd see in a comic book. Zeus could've been called 'Lightning Man' and I would have never have thought he was a god (if he was in a comic book). They seemed to control the elements but not harness them - it seemed that the lighting was stronger than Zeus and that it took effort for him to summon electricity.

Ares, on the other hand, seemed like the God of War; he could kill people in an instant and turn to giant size without even trying. And when he killed Kratos with that spire you could tell it didn't take much effort for him to have that amount of talent.

Also, Ares is the only god it seems difficult to kill (going a full game to get one item to kill a god) and the fact that he can create pocket universes (where the clones were fought) shows us he is a supreme deity. But with a god like Helios in God of War III, it makes you question how that guy stayed a god and wasn't killed by an angry pigeon or something - he was pathetic in the God of War universe and he should've been just as powerful as Ares. Shmeagle Two wrongs don't make a right, but they do make a good exuse 18:27, March 26, 2013 (UTC)

Agreed. Comparing Ares and Zeus, for example, in the Series, Ares always seemed much more threatening than Zeus. I do hate him much more than Zeus. I can barely win his fights in normal mode in GoW 1. Zeus, however, is much easier to fight in GoWs 2 and 3.

I don't know if it has anything to do with their personality or something like this, but what you said is completely right: Ares could make people explode with his mind, but Zeus would just sit down on his throne and watch as Kratos killed their family members while climing Olympus. I mentioned their personality because Ares is always trying to show everyone how strong and powerful he is, and so he kills as many people as he can, but Zeus usually relies on wisdom before actually starting a fight. But considering the fact Kratos, his most powerful son, had almost killed him once, was killing every being in Olympus and was right about to try to kill Zeus again (we know Zeus wouldn't have such luck this time), I think Kratos is a threat that is dangerous enough for Zeus to unleash all his powers on him, and yet that only happens when he dies. That super eletric storm from Zeus' death would have been really useful against Kratos when they were fighting inside Gaia, wouldn't it?

When I saw Kratos ripping Helios' head, I didn't even believe he had just died. Actually, when I played GoW 3 for the first time, I was surprised about how easy could Kratos kill any god. He needed a whole game to acquire Pandora's Box to kill Ares, like you said; he needed a magic gauntlet crafted by the gods to kill Persephone, which shouldn't even be so strong in comparison to any other god; he needed to concentrate his whole fury in his body to kill Thanatos; he needed to acquire the Blade of Olympus, the most powerful weapon among mortals and gods, to defy Zeus, and this also took a whole game, and yet in GoW 3 he can simply cut Hermes' legs off and that's it. Then, I readed in the wiki that Kratos kept the powers from Pandora's Box, allowing him to kill gods. Ok, but should it have been that easily? Kratos used the Box against Ares, and he resisted for much longer than Poseidon, for example, who was supposed to be the second/third most powerful god in the game. Even the Sisters of Fates were killed faster than Ares. If Lahkesis didn't have Atropos' help, I bet she would've died even faster than she did.

About Poseidon and Hades, I think they were too weak for two of the Three Great Gods. They would die at some point of GoW 3 anyway, but they were exactly the first gods to die. I think that was a bit too much for them.

And I totally agree with what you said about the need of new characters. Kratos could've killed even Primordials to acquire magics. And also about the stupid way someone would make a critic to the game because the person doesn't know the Furies. How many little known characters have already been used in the Series without anyone complaining about them? Peirithous, Thanatos, Hippocampis, Stheno, Skorpius (if she's the scorpion that killed Orion), Scylla and Charybdis etc. And many people do know the Furies, specially after Percy Jackson's book and movie. Even if they were little know, too, that would really add to the game and make it better.

Now that you mentioned Ares and his powers, there's something about him I've been thinking for some time: that pocket universe he created to torture Kratos. Could it have a relation with his sons, Phobos and Deimos? I know these two probably doesn't exist in the Series, since Deimos is already the name of Kratos' brother, but what I mean is that the universe seemed specially made to torture Ares' victims by making them live their worst nightmares. I always thought that that did look like the power of one of his sons, which they would borrow him frequently for him to torture people. I actually wanted them to be in the Series. They'd be great bosses. Uglyguy25 (talk) 21:44, March 26, 2013 (UTC)

I agree with you completely, Ares seemed to use all of his power to try and kill Kratos and the battle was difficult. Both Ares and Kratos were huge and they both had immense amounts of power, you could tell how powerful Kratos was and you actually feared Ares' attacks. The former God of War used all of his abilities, skill, and strength to try and kill Kratos but was eventually outclassed - it felt like an achievement to kill Ares as he seemed like a god of Olympus.

Your idea about Phobos and Deimos was good as well, perhaps Ares didn't have sons in the God of War universe but instead may have had specific powers that are useually associated with them (like the pocket universe). Ares was never shown to create what his opponents most feared and torture them with it but I bet Phobos could do that... It does beg a lot of questions.

You're right about neither Hades or Poseidon seeming very strong at all, even if Kratos had the powers of Pandora's Box, they should've been at least twice as hard to kill as Ares and they should've used all of their powers. It seemed the gods were all too complacent with Kratos, you'd have thought Poseidon would've had the brains to unleash all his hippocampus on Kratos while he was attacking, this would've been a sounder tactic than 'use crab legs to hang onto Gaia and occasionally try to electrocute him' and would've had a higher chance to have got Kratos killed. In a way, Poseidon did suite to be the first boss (as he was big) but he should've been harder to kill and should've used more of his power to kill Kratos - how are we supposed to beleive that Poseidon is powerful if all he does is grow into a giant watery form that does nothing? Hades shouldn't have been the second boss, that position is always reserved for weak enemies as they're for getting players used to under powered Kratos before taking on the big guys. Hades, for me, felt as if he could've been a grunt if he had lower health and didn't have the more cinematic moves. His chain attacks with the claws didn't seem very godly at all and they didn't hurt that much either. Why didn't Hades unleash the Army of Hades? That hurt a lot in God of War I, he could've even unleashed the real Cerberus, that would've made the fight more interesting. Also, where was the power for his helmet to make him go invisible? He didn't seem to have any power that wasn't associated with his claws. Well, there was that weird soul blast he did out of his mouth but he only did that when he was nearly dead. If I were him, I'd have know Kratos was a threat as soon as he tore out my liver and so would've grown to my full size and used all my power - all while trying to shove Kratos back into the River Styx.

Thinking about that river, wasn't it established in God of War I that the currents would carry away anyone no matter how strong? When Kratos fell straight into it in God of War III, he didn't even seem to struggle against the currents - there was even a little bank for people to get out of the river styx (there wasn't even a small ledge to make it harder) so were they expecting people to manage to get out.

I get what you mean about Zeus should have used all of his power as Kratos was a bigger threat than the Titans (who were all embarrassingly easy for the gods to kill). You'd have thought that Zeus would've tried to intervene at every step of Kratos journey, he could've easily just shot powerful bolts of lighting from his throne. But thinking back to the Titans, all of them but Cronos took like one hit to kill. Perses was down with one stab to the eye, two others died by simple attacks from the gods, and Gaia was just pathetic against every attack from anyone. It makes me wonder how the Titanomachy (is that how it's spelt?) lasted more that a day - the Titans seemed to have the power of being big and therefor reasonably strong. Cronos couldn't even use Cronos rage which sucked... In fact, I don't think there was a Titan that exhibited anything other that physical power.

Talking about things that were easy to kill, the gods died of things that wouldn't kill a person. Half of the gods went down without a fight (Helios, Hera, Hephaestus, Hermes... All of these seem to begin with a 'H'). There have been people who have had their legs blown off in war and still survived, but an immortal and apparently powerful god couldn't survive more than a seconed before he was 'defeeted', and Hephaestus, he died by being stabbed by his own anvil - people have been stabbed in the stomach and survived so why couldn't he? It makes me think they just couldn't be bothered to make proper fights or reasons to why the gods died. Kratos did not thrust the anvil into Hephaestus so the fact that Kratos possessed hope is mute in how the god died so easily. I can't help but wonder why someone like Hercules didn't just come along and kill a god if he wanted the title so badly. Shmeagle Two wrongs don't make a right, but they do make a good exuse 17:19, March 27, 2013 (UTC)

You really make me notice how stupid some things in the Series are. When you said that Zeus would have tried to intervene at every step of Kratos journey, I remembered the first time I played GoW 2: I fought Zeus in Rhodes and didn't hear about him again untill the end of the game. By the time I returned in time and fought him again, I had even forgotten that he was actually in the game.

But what you really made me think about now is: why didn't Zeus do anything to stop and/or kill Kratos in his whole journey to the Sisters? It makes me wonder if he even knew Kratos wasn't in the Underworld anymore, which is even more stupid. He killed Kratos, his most fiersome son, who had killed his former most powerful son, and was his biggest fear at that time. And that's it. He actually thought Kratos would never bother him anymore, even knowing he had already escaped from Tartarus and the Underworld themselves previously. Why didn't he check the Underworld ocasionally to check how was Kratos in there? Didn't he suspect of anything even when Pegasus went to help someone mysteriously without any request of a god, when Perseus, one of his favorite sons, who he should've been even helping to reach the Sisters, was brutally killed, or even when someone managed to open the wings of the Spire of the Sisters, go there and kill the Sisters themselves? Athena may have even hidden some of these from him, but he couldn't ignore all of this. Ok, he destroyed Sparta, but not because he knew Kratos was alive to suffer for it, but because, like in the myths, the gods punished kings and patriots by punishing their nations as well.

I've noticed something interesting recently: Zeus, Poseidon, Hades and Ares actually did act in the Series as they do in Multiplayer, like reflecting their personalities. I was not very clear. Let me explain my opinion:

Ares does anything to stand in a battle, which is obvious since he is(was) the god of war. He isn't satisfied in simply sending his mercyless army to attack Athens: he wants to be literally in the middle of the battlefield, killing the maximum number of opponents as possible. He uses all of his strenght and rage against Kratos, trying to kill him with the most brutal attacks possible and leaving Kratos almost no time to evade and breath in their battle. He doesn't worry about the damage he takes or the danger, because if he did, he would have at least tried to keep Kratos from opening Pandora's Box, one of the only items that could effectly kill him, after it fell from his hand: the Box fell on the sea on the beach. Kratos probably needed to walk a lot to get to it, even though the game doesn't show this, and Ares could have simply taken the Box back before Kratos got to it, but no. He did prefer that Kratos had acquired its power, so that he would have a worthy opponent and an apropriate fight. Compare this to Multiplayer: Ares' warriors lack defense, but survive by killing anyone in their way with strong attacks. The "heat of battle" is the most important thing for them, if you can get what I say.

Zeus avoid Kratos as much as he can, because he fears him after all, but when he fights, most of his attacks are full of lightning power, which can be an equivalent to magic. It isn't like Ares, who does use "magic" weapons but focus mostly on physic and close ranged attacks in his fight in GoW 1. Zeus doesn't like to attack Kratos directly: he prefers to destroy Sparta, to fire a bolt to make him and Gaia fall from Olympus, to hide behind the rest of the gods etc than actually facing Kratos himself. That's his last resort. He did most of these things because of Fear, but in mythology he used to punish people indirectly, too. Compare this to Zeus' warriors, who focus on magic skills, such as long range attacks, but have strong weapons and magics in case of a direct battle.

Hades "stalks" Kratos in the Underworld. I don't know if he simply talks to Kratos from his throne or if he actually follows him through the Underworld without been seen, but you understood what I said. He's the predator who's simply following his prey, but doesn't attack it directly. At least, not initially: he waits for the perfect moment (which he had already planned before, obviously) for a true physical battle, when he can release all the rage he had for the prey. Even when he shows up, he's hidden: he appears from the shadows behind Kratos to try a fatal move (ripping his soul). He isn't trying to kill Kratos to save Olympus: he's doing this for revenge, to avenge the people who were dear to him and were killed by Kratos, specially Persephone. That's what he is in the Series: the Stalker. The Assassin who wants revenge. Hades warriors are like this, too: they hide and spare their energies for the perfect time for a surprise attack.

Poseidon wasn't the first to jump from the Dias and attack the Titans, but was the one who killed most of them in that battle, by pulling them from Olympus. Why does he do it this way? Because he hates the Titans and seeks revenge against them? Because he's more powerful than the other gods and wants to show it? No. Because they're a threat to Olympus and his family and he will do his best to protect them. He doesn't want to torture the Titans or fight against them. He simply wants to pull them off the mountain to finish the threat. The only one he wants to confront directly is Kratos, because his rivalry with him is much more personal. He also hides in a massive water/shell armor, because he wants to protect himself too, after all. He had the evil Anger, and he did display it against Kratos and his Princess, for example. Yet, he apologizes with her for his actions, because he didn't want to do whathever he did with her intentionally, and he knows that. He was suspicious about Zeus' actions and was investigating it. Even in the Great War we can see his "helpful" spirit: he eletrocutes Atlas for Hades to get his soul, trying to protect his brother from the Titan. He is said to be the oldest son of Cronos, and the most wise. Wisdom for him is protecting the people he loves more. And so, he's the first to die in the Second Titanomachy (doesn't know how to spell it, too), and even when he's about to meet his death by the hands of Kratos, he tells him that "No matter how many gods fall, there will always be another to stand against you!" and says that the death of Olympus would bring the death of them all, in a last attempt to try to convince Kratos to cease his search for revenge against it. He doesn't try to lie to Kratos, like Helios did: he knows exactly what's going to happen and he won't try to escape from Kratos or his fate, because he know he did all he could have done  and accepts what's about to happen. You already got it: Poseidon's warriors have a strong defense and help their comrades in any way they can, because protection is really important for them, like Poseidon's giant water body, which acted like an armor. That's really the god I want to choose.

Ok, I went too far in this comment. It's because I want to be a psychologist when I grow up, so I like to do these "closer analisys" with characters. It makes me interact with them even more, which is also very cool for me. I admit I should have idealized Poseidon as a good god too much, but I can't get anything bad he did in the Series against almost anyone. But what did you think? Uglyguy25 (talk) 00:45, March 28, 2013 (UTC)

That was a very in depth analysis about the mindset and attributed powers of the gods, I think you've got them all spot on. In fact, you've probably put more thought into it than Sony Santa Monica. I like what you said about Poseidon and how he was the most honourable of the gods and the one that wished to protect his family even when he was infected by anger. I think he was the only god that apologised for anything (with the note in his chamber) and even questioned his brother's actions; Zeus, on the other hand, was a coward who didn't seem to care how many of hos fellow gods fell, he just wanted to stay in power. But that again begs the question of why he didn't just continuously blast at Kratos with very high power lighting bolts: remember in God of War I when you got Zeus' Fury? Well the fact that his face was there just as Kratos appeared shows us that he has the power to know exactly where people are; why didn't he help his brothers in fighting.

I'd have preferred it if they developed some of the gods characters a little more in God of War II & III to make me actually care if I was fighting them, I suppose they did it with Hephaestus but not with any of the gods I was fighting. To be honest, even though he was a coward, Zeus always seemed like he made the right choice in God of War II - Kratos was destroying loads of cities and being bias in favour of Sparta so Zeus stepped in, he hardly betrayed him as Kratos was asking for it. In all truth, Kratos was the one who betrayed Zeus by abusing his power as the God of War so he deserved to be killed. That doesn't mean Zeus should've killed his army along with him, but the God of Lightning was really only doing what Kratos did to Ares so Kratos should've seen it as just. All throughout God of War II I was wondering why the story existed (even though it was a brilliant game) and why I should care for what Kratos was doing. I don't mind playing as the bad guy in a game but I dislike it when they're dressed up as the good guy.

I think a man called Ben Crowshaw said it right, throughout the God of War series Kratos is an arsehole but at least in God of War I he wasn't a bigger arsehole than the guy he was killing. Ares evil, like you have said, we learned to hate him along with Kratos and you knew what you were striving for throughout the game. Zeus on the other hand was the good-er guy dressed up to be the evil guy and that made me dislike Kratos more - he reminded me of a five year old who didn't want to admit he was wrong and so had a huge tantrum, except this tantrum involved the death of millions of people. Kratos was a tortured soul in God of War I and so you expected him to be a little evil to passers buy but you could still sympathise with him. In God of War II he becomes detached from relatability and his quest for vengeance rings off a little insincere - he seems angrier at Zeus for giving him a wound that was shrugged off like a paper cut than he was at Ares for causing the death of his family.

Speaking of his family, it annoys be how Sony Santa Monica try to shoehorn Kratos' sad characteristics into a game - if they're going to make Kratos a mindless monster then they should stick with that. In God of War III they had Kratos' character bouncing all over, one minute he was gouging people's eyes out and the next he was trying to save Pandora for the reason that she apparently reminded him of his daughter. But even then he should know that he's killing thousands of little girls on his paper-thing quest for revenge but that never seems to cross his mind. Like said beforehand, the gods don't feel powerful but they don't seem hatable either - Kratos, on the other hand, does. Now, I'm not saying they should've bogged down the game with cutscenes and character development but they should've made Zeus do something really despicable and uncalled for. I didn't feel a thing when Zeus destroyed Sparta, after all, Kratos destroyed Rhodes and countless other cities for no reason other than entertainment.

Just one more thing, in the first game I always wondered if Kratos would destroy Ares and how he'd manage, in God of War II I wondered how Kratos would change his fate and kill Zeus but I kind of wanted a twist ending where he sees reason, and in God of War III I was just wondering when Zeus would die as I was getting bored of him die to the fact he's not as evil as the protagonist. Anyway, sorry for replying a little bit late, I was a bit busy last night. Shmeagle Two wrongs don't make a right, but they do make a good exuse 10:13, March 29, 2013 (UTC)

It's ok you took a little while to answer. I was just worried your computer was freezing with this talk page, like it happenned to the blogs.

At the first time I played GoW 2, I was still learning to speak English, so I couldn't understand some dialogues and even the story. Actually, I didn't know the story of the games yet, so I thought that since the game was named God of War, the main character was Ares. Then, when I got to the Garden of the Gods in the Palace of the Fates, I read: "Ares, the fallen God of War". Then, I asked myself "What the hell is happenning? Who's this bald guy I'm playing with?".

After playing a couple more times, I even realized that Zeus actually needed to stop Kratos, because Kratos was conquering many cities and was even warned by Athena. I think that the main reasons why Kratos didn't want to obbey Zeus, when Zeus told him "You must vow to forever serve me", would be: first, because he had served a powerful and unjust god for many years who made his kill his family. That'd truly make him think twice before serving another god. Second, because of all the things that the gods did to him in the previous games: they didn't let him stay with his daughter in Elysium and declared he'd have to forsake her forever to save the world and Olympus; they didn't take away his nightmares even after he did the biggest "labour" of his life, kill Ares, partially because of revenge, partially because the gods had asked him and made this promise; they didn't help him to save Deimos, even knowing he was never the Marked One or a threat to Olympus, and did nothing to prevent his death.

I agree with you that Kratos was being too stubborn with the gods, specially Zeus. He should have simply accepted death, and maybe he even would have, if Zeus didn't kill his entire army, which was the most dear family to him. I think both went too far with each other.

I never understood what happenned between Kratos and Pandora. Yes, he did see her as her daughter and wanted to help her because of this, but when exactly did this start to happen? Literally, in one moment, Kratos says that he can't help her and that she should not trust him, and in the next time they meet, he is super worried about how Pandora is and gets desesperated when she screams. I never found the reason he started to treat her this way so suddenly.

Maybe I'll get Ascension tomorrow. If everything goes right, of course. But I'll just play it on weekends... Do you think the game is good enough? I'm not much hopeful about singleplayer, but I have faith on multiplayer. I didn't hear any critics about it yet. Uglyguy25 (talk) 18:43, March 29, 2013 (UTC)

I'm not sure why Kratos changed so suddenly with Pandora, it wasn't even touched upon. Personally I think she's the series's weakest character as she serves no purpose other than to try (and fail) to show Kratos' sympathetic side. I don't think there was anyone (in real life) who cared about Pandora as she had barely any character development and the development that she did have was basically showing her to be very weak, vulnerable, and annoying; I wasn't expecting her to be really tough or anything but she just seemed so whiny and ridiculously stubborn. What did you think of her character?

I've been pretty critical about Ascension, the single player isn't as bad as I may have made it sound and it still stands shoulders above most other action games. The environments are beautiful (far better than God of War III), in fact, there's nothing wrong visually. Sometimes there's audio dropouts that can make the game have slightly less impact (an Elephantaur will 'roar' and the sound will come out ten seconds later) but they're not deal breaking even if people on certain forums make it seem that way. The combat's still good although there's a few interesting changes that aren't for the better like the fact that the role doesn't give very many I-frames and the parry needs to be unlocked and is assigned to L1+X but I think the secondary weapons are good when you get used to them. I'll say that the rage mode is very annoying as you get it built up on a minor grunt, they'll die, and then you'll be hit once and all your rage will go down. Also, there are less basic combos, the simple four square combo can only be performed when enraged and this can interrupt combat. Another thing is that the combat as a whole feels slightly less satisfying for some reason, maybe it is to do with the combos but I'm not to sure, something just felt off; perhaps it's the developers making Kratos feel less powerful and so lessen his physical prowess (making the hits that land feel less solid). The new way that Kratos climbs is a bold move but it doesn't quite work as he feels really slow, there's a part neer the beginning where you're trying to escape a spinning lift contraption and it's so infuriating due to the climbing; the platforming in general is very cinematic but hard to control and too specific to timing - there's nothing quite as bad as the spinning columns of Hades, but there's still some parts that may make you consider rage quitting. I think I've discussed most of the problems with the mythological characters and story with you.

I know that all sounded really negative but there are lots of positive things in Ascension - the context sensitive minigames are better than the standard QTEs in my opinion and some enemies are well designed. The Statue of Apollo (specifically the Ribs of Apollo) were stunning and made me slightly nauseous due to how high it looked (in a game this is a good thing) and it all felt very natural. Even though there are only a few boss fights, they are all amazing - especially the final boss. From a cinematic stand point, the last boss was as good as it could be and may be the strongest in the series as it's both challenging and satisfying. I preferred Kratos in this instalment as he wasn't just angry at everyone and did actually show reason, however, don't expect anything tear jerking from the game.

I haven't tried the multiplayer yet as it requires an online pass and I don't want to use the one I have on my friend's PS3 as it'll be a waste. From what I've seen it's very fun and will probably provide hours of fun, also, I've heard that they'll release free DLC which will be very good as it'll provide even more fun and new experiences each time. Shmeagle Two wrongs don't make a right, but they do make a good exuse 19:21, March 29, 2013 (UTC)

I didn't like Pandora much since the beginning, because she's totally different from her mythologic version, like I've said before. Like you said, she was there to try to show Kratos' good side. I think she did make this in some ways, but I'll keep my affirmative that he simply starts to care about her as if she was his daughter too suddenly. He doesn't even start to like her gradually. There's no specific reason for him to do this.

I think that since the original story of the game, that one planned by Jaffee, involved Hope, then Hope would need to continue being one of the main things in the new version. Pandora was just created in this new version, and they don't seem to have had much time to put her in the game, invent a good story for her, a good personality or even a good reason for her to be connected with hope. She's just that. A detail that was put in the game with little time to be developed.

They could have even used her to give Epimetheus a more important role in the game than just throwing a rock at the Dias and then becoming part of Poseidon's armor. Prometheus didn't have a big role in the Series, but I think it was good enough to his character: he gets more involved with Kratos and even gives him a strong power. Epimetheus could do something better with Pandora in the game.

It's really good to hear all of this, specially the part of the beaultiful environments. I like to draw Greek cities, but I'm always in lack of ideas for the buildings. It's hard to think of anything else for them than just those Greek pillars, some stairs and that classic roof. Uglyguy25 (talk) 22:53, March 29, 2013 (UTC)

Yes, you're right about them needing to give Epimetheus a bigger role, I think they just went on wikipedia, saw a name, and created a character that was there for cinematic purposes. It kind of felt like a rushed job with the Titans - why hype up an epic war between Titans and gods if the former can't do anything but be strong? Personally I think they should have given more than just Cronos and Gaia a personality in God of War III.

I think Ascension will give you loads of ideas for Greek buildings to draw, there's so much awesome architecture in the game that it's hard to not stop and stare at some of the buildings. I think you'll enjoy the game despite its faults; it's a worthy addition to the God of War series and actually improves on it in some ways. By the way, have you tried the demo out?

I will warn you that there are some parts that may get you questioning the mythology of God of War but it's passable - just. Have you spoilt any of it for yourself or are you waiting for the game yourself? Shmeagle Two wrongs don't make a right, but they do make a good exuse 12:07, March 30, 2013 (UTC)

I didn't even had a ps3 when GoW 3 was released, but I saw its demo on youtube. The game itself looks very cool on youtube, but when I played it myself (about 15 months after its release) I realized all those bad things I had said about it.

I'm trying to wait untill I get the game to see the story, but like I said once, I'm retarded for not wanting to see any spoilers when I'm in the game's wiki every day. I already know the magics' names, but not where they're acquired and what each one does. I only know the attacks of the Fires of Ares because I saw it in the demo. I don't know how's each cahracter's death yet, but I'm hoping they're cool. I know how the three Furies look like, that Orkos is a son of Ares and the queen of the Furies (I saw this information by accident), that one of the Furies is Charybdis (accident, too. I'm only sure it isn't Megaera), that Aegaeon's head gets infected at some point of the game, but I'm not sure about who's the queen of the Furies. Maybe I'll get the game in a few hours, so I'll see all of this.

About what I've been seeing, I really understand what you mean with "questioning the mythology of God of War", with Orkos being a son of Ares and a Fury and one of the Furies being Charybdis (please, don't tell me which one is it). They were really wanting to inovate the game in many ways, like adding Multiplayer, evoluting combat, designing new enemies and leaving old ones - such as Minotaurs and Wraiths - behind, but I think they went too far when they changed mythology this way. It makes the game loose some of its personality.

I'll really miss the minotaurs anyway. Wraiths were changed by the Empusas, which look cool for me too, but nothing will ever replace the Minotaurs (SPECIALLY the Elephantaurs). They are classic both in the game and in mythology and at the same time are good enemies. It's a shame they aren't in Ascension. Uglyguy25 (talk) 19:14, March 30, 2013 (UTC)

Don't worry, I won't spoil any of the story for you. If it makes you feel a little better about the mythology of the game and the enemies that they are using, there are some Wraiths in it and they attack differently this time (although they still have that ground attack). I understand what you mean about the Elephantaurs replacing something iconic like the Minotaur, it just makes the fact that the game is meant to be set in Greek mythology obsolete; the new Gorgon design also isn't great, a gorgon in the series has always been half scaly woman half snake but in Ascension it's basically just a snake with boobs and arms. We should have had more mythological enemies in the game and less random insect based things; the Empusa was in mythology but they had a donkey leg and a brass leg and looked nothing like an insect, they should've made it so she looked as if she had been beautiful but was now a vicious and beastly.

I won't spoil anything about the fury and Charybdis but I will say I'm confused why the devs kept saying "that's Charybdis" when talking about the demo in E3 as she's never called that in the game and... Well, you'll understand when you see it. It's just that I feel as if they did want Charybdis in the game and were planing to make her a boss but then realised that they were running out of time or that she didn't fit in with the story so cut her. I don't know, why do you think they would say that it's Charybdis in the demo when it's a fury in the game? Shmeagle Two wrongs don't make a right, but they do make a good exuse 17:22, March 31, 2013 (UTC)

I beated the game today, and I see what you're talking about. It was really good, by the way, and I'll see if I can try multiplayer later. Like you said, I think they did want to put Charybdis (don't know where's the I and the Y in its name) in the game initially, but they simply changed their mind before releasing the game. I noticed that the sea monster is never called Charibdys in the game, too. Actually, they didn't put any names for any characters. Remember in GoW 3 and Ghost of Sparta, when whenever there was a new character in the screen, his/her name would be displayed, as well as the environments' ones? I missed this in Ascension. The environments' names still appear, but I was expecting "Pollux and Castor" to appear when I talked to the two torso warrior with the Amulet of Uroborus, "Tisiphone" to appear when the yellow eyed Fury with a blue "pet" appeared and "Charybdis" when those tentacles threw the boat at Delos. But they don't explicit the names of any character.

You can't know the yellow eyed Fury is Tisiphone unless you mythology, for example: did you notice that she's the only Fury in the game whose name is never even mentioned? Actually, she's the only one who doesn't seem to have a big role in it or a big involvement with Kratos. Megaera created a personal rivalry with Kratos for cutting her arm, was the only one who tortured him in Aegaeon and was the first to have an epic kill. Alecto is the queen of the Furies, the mother of Orkos who once... huh... you know... with Ares, Kratos arch-enemy, is able to transform into a giant sea beast and holds the oaths of all mortals. And Tisiphone... she creates illusions and has a fierce pet, but isn't so important, and her name isn't even mentioned.

But about Charybdis, I think they were actually planning to put her in the game initially, like I've already said, because in the demo she seemed to be specially designed to be the sister of Scylla, from Ghost of Sparta, and not a Fury. Their bodies, specially their heads, were very alike. But then they changed Charybdis design so its colors and head would resemble Alecto much more than Scylla. Its tentacles' colors changed from white and yellow to black, and the head changed from that triangular one with a pointy nose to look like a carnivorous fish's one. And they never explicit that she's Charybdis in the game. I guess that now that thing is much more likely to be just a montrous form of Alecto than Charybids, and I have to admit that I prefer it this way, because it's more according to mythology than Alecto transforming in Charybdis. We can't be sure of it, but I prefer it this way.

I didn't like Castor and Pollux, too. Their fight was really well done and challenging (I died about 4 or 5 times just to get to them) but I didn't like the way they designed their character. It's not only the fact that Castor is a smeagle that has to share his brother's body, which I didn't like too, but also the personality they gave them. Castor and Pollux were two of the best warriors of Greece, and deserved more than being represented by two (or one?) corrupt men who did nothing else in their lives than just sitting on a throne, steal the main relic of Alethea, along with all the offers to her and kill their own servants. I thought that Santa Monica was being unjust with Hera for making her an ugly woman who just drinks at all the time, or with Hades for making him a deformed man who just tortured souls and sought revenge in his life, but now that I saw Castor and Pollux, I think they went too far. I can just feel sorry for these people. Uglyguy25 (talk) 21:35, March 31, 2013 (UTC)

Sorry for not replying for a while, I've been caught up with a lot of work. You're right about Tisiphone not playing a big role at all in the campaign, it's like she's just there because they needed a third fury and not because they wanted to develope another interesting character. And I miss the fact that there isn't the names of the bosses any more, these help people who are not familiar with Greek mythology and just want to know who and/or what they're going against. I agree with you that it's better that Charybdis is not the other form of Alecto, that would've killed the mythology. I don't mind her having a monstrous form, I just think it could've been more, I don't know, more like a fury. A sea monster is all well and good but there's always a sea monster in every God of War game, I think it would've been better to have experimented with the design of the actual furies in mythology (when they looked like Gorgons and had wings) as that could've been a more "oh my god, what is that" kind of moment.

I'd imagine it to start the same way (with Alecto having all that black goo spurting out of her) but then she'd grow into a mix between a dragon and the original fury design (with snakes that attacked) which could have made for a flying battle, a one on one, and a giant battle all in one. I can imagine Kratos having to run up her 'hair' to reach and damage the head, all while having to dodge giant snakes and the fury's hands.

I think you're right about Pollux and Castor having an odd design, it just seems strange that they'd have them joined together all of the time. What I find odd is that the little Gollum thing is Pollux even though he was meant to be immortal, it just seems odd that he'd have the least amount of power. I'd have preferred it if, like you said, they would have been more noble and warrior like - their attitude in the game didn't bode well with their attitude in mythology. They were good fighters but they were not warriors and they really should have been. Shmeagle Two wrongs don't make a right, but they do make a good exuse 09:17, April 2, 2013 (UTC)

They really could have used Apollo in the game. I had heard in September of the last year that the singleplayer of this game would be shorter than the ones of the other games because of the multiplayer, and that does give a good excuse for the game to have fewer bosses than the other ones. But I think that they could put some more bosses in the game.

The ones that are already in the game are good. Aegaeon was epic in my opinion; Castor and Pollux, like I said, didn't have a nice design or personality but their battle was both cool and challenging; the first battle against the Furies in Delos was there to explain Kratos first encounter with them, how Megaera lost her arm and how the Oath Stone of Orkos was acquired, so it was essential to the game's story; and the final battle was epic and challenging, like you had even told me before I bought the game. But I still feel the game needed more bosses. Not boss battles, but boss characters. They could have used more new mythlogic characters in the game.

What makes me feel bad about Apollo isn't only the fact that he was not in the game, but also his appearence, his statue: an old god with a beard. Of all the gods of mythology that they could've represented this way, Apollo is one of the only ones - if not exactly the only one - who would never be like this, because he's the god of youth. Ten years after Ascension, in GoW 1, even his twin sister Artemis looks younger than him. And they couldn't have given the excuse that it was Archimedes perspective of Apollo, since he, like the rest of Greece, would know that Apollo is the god of youth. I don't think he'd even change his appearence to look like this, unless he was really wanting to hide hide himself from someone, but to represent him with a giant statue like that was a huge mistake in my opinion.

I didn't like the way Archimedes was in the game, too. They wanted to put a man that had nothing to do with mythology, only the fact that he lived in Greece, in the game, and yet they only do this to show his corpse on a table. I was expecting him to be an interesting character, at least. He would die anyway, but he could be interesting or crazy, because of the Furies, while he was still alive. I didn't understand who destroyed his statue yet. I read in his notes that some men did this, but I can't understand who. I feel like it was a waste of a character who shouldn't even be in the game... how can we even call that?

And I finally tried multiplayer. I'm seeing if I can play it more times a week, but it's being hard by now. I really liked what I played. You can level up really quickly, not that that's a critic, and the weapons are fine. I'm liking to be a servant of Poseidon. I only need to learn how to use some powers yet, such as helping other players. I already know how to use Relics. At least, the ones I have are used by pressing L2, but I still need to learn how to use Items, if there's actually a button I need to press to use them while playing or if they are perks.

But I've liked it by now, save for a few fail deaths and some appelative people. One of them came to me with a club and hit me with that, and I was knocked to a wall and then fell on the ground, but before I could stand up he did that to me again three more times, and in the last one I didn't hit the wall again, but fell in the Bog of the Forgotten... The servants of Hades are there just to hit you from behind or from the nowhere, appearently. Could you give me some tips about multiplayer, such as how to use items and relics correctly? Oh, and by the way, do you know when you'll be able to play it in your ps3 again? Uglyguy25 (talk) 20:30, April 4, 2013 (UTC)

I'm back now

Sorry I just left for ages, I did mean to tell you but I've been incredibly stressed and busy as I had a tonne of things on (final exams mainly) and then the computer that I use decided to freeze every time I used the Internet; it's working again now but it's still a pain as some pages don't load properly or it just crashes if there's too much information. Anyway, I'm sorry I couldn't get in touch more quickly but I should be back for good now :)Shmeagle Two wrongs don't make a right, but they do make a good exuse 08:05, May 19, 2013 (UTC)

It's ok. You didn't have how to tell me anyway. I just thought that it was too weird for not seeing you doing anything here for about three months. I mean, I didn't actually count the time, but since I'm used to seeing your name everywhere, I was even getting worried. Well, I shouldn't have bothered anyway. I know how a lot of exams can be stressing, with your parents always putting pressure on you to get good grades and you never have time to study all you need, or you don't know what you need to study... Good luck with the exams and the other things, friend Uglyguy25 (talk) 21:46, May 23, 2013 (UTC)

Hi again

Sorry I've been away for so long, I thought I was coming back for good last time but I ended up having loads to do and no time. Anyway, how have you been? :) Shmeagle Two wrongs don't make a right, but they do make a good exuse 21:24, August 16, 2013 (UTC)

I've been missing someone to talk about mythology with as well, it seems like everyone in my area dislikes it which is a shame. I was actually reading some of the newer Percy Jackson books again and, although I enjoyed them, they seemed to bend mythology a bit too much in some places and didn't concentrate on it enough in others, but I suppose that's just nitpicking as I'm reading it again. I've been player Ascension quite a bit too, would you want to add me so we can have a game (my account has changed but the new one's on my user page)? It would be really fun to slay some monsters with you in the gauntlet matches. By the way, what is your favourite weapon to use in ascension besides the Ceastus? I quite like spears myself as they help my teammates and I've found a few exploits that can be used; I've haven't downloaded the newest update yet so I've never tree the gauntlets, maybe I'll like them better than spears.

This is kind of random but I found a really good app (if you have an iPod or android phone or something) that you may like, it's called Pantheon The Legends and it's basically a card game based on Greek Mythology, luckily the devs do their research and there are loads of different gods, Titans, and monsters that aren't usually seen in card games (most Greek mythology game just say "Ok, we've got Zeus, Hades, Poseidon, and a few other gods and that's all we need" but Pantheon has quite a few different characters, such as Cottus or Oceanus or even Euryale). It's free and it has a chat feature that we could use as that might make it easier to communicate.

This is kind of random but I've actually started liking some other bands (mainly Iron Maiden) and I quite like rock so I might give Capital Inicial a listen. By the way, did you watch the newest Percy Jackson movie? I haven't yet but I heard that it was quite good (or at least better than the first). Shmeagle Two wrongs don't make a right, but they do make a good exuse 10:21, August 17, 2013 (UTC)

I have a different favorite weapon for each allegiance. For Poseidon, I like the Spear, just because of that attack in which you spin the spear and throw it in front of you. For Ares, I really like the Lance and both hammers for being so strong and having well ranged attacks. For Zeus, I undoubtly prefer the Blade (that thing that launches tidal waves of lightning with each attack when you press L1+Triangle) and the War Hammer. For Hades, I like the War Hammer, because it steals health and is strong, and the Lance, too, which is very appelative.

The Gauntlets are really a new experience. Their attack range is bad, but if you hit something with it, it will fly away easily. The Triangle attacks are slow, but their range make them good. I have a hint: try to hold Square when performing the Square combos. For example Square, Square, Hold Square: you perform a double gauntlet dash in the final attack. I'll really use gauntlets for a long time, but just for curiosity. I guess I'll go back to hammers and swords after some time. Another thing: try to train with the gauntlets in Olympus (Training) and use their normal and special attacks against that trainer. It's just good if you want to know these weapons better. And don't forget to use the Nemean Cestus against Hercules. It was the first thing I did when I acquired them...

I don't use my cell phone for about anything, and my internet with it is really slow. Sorry, I don't think the card game would work here... About Iron Maiden, I know a little of it. The Trooper, Fear of the Dark (perfect song for Hades), Aces High. I feel like a poser for knowing so little, but I like these songs I already know. But Capital Inicial is very different from it. I don't think it actually makes your style, but they are one of the best Brazilian rock bands ever for sure (and not only because nowadays Brazilian music is a crap). And of course, the songs are in Brazilian Portuguese, so you wouldn't understand a thing, although most of the lyrics are really beaultiful and intelligent. But if you prefer Iron Maiden, for example, I don't think you would actually like Capital Inicial's style. 23:02, August 17, 2013 (UTC)

Weird... I thought I was signed up in my account already. Well, the guy who wrote the last comment was me, but I was out of my account. Uglyguy25 (talk) 23:08, August 17, 2013 (UTC)

I actually haven't tried any of the other alliances except Hades, to be honest, I wish I'd have gone with Ares as he suits my play style much better but I've spent a lot of time on my Hades character so there's no point of stopping now. I tried the gauntlets yesterday and they are pretty good, the only thing that annoys me is that they seem to be far better with an Ares warriors, but I might just think that because I'm not great with them.

Thinking about multiplayer, I hope they release new 4v4 maps soon, the ones that we have are great (I think the BotF is the best) but it would be good to revisits other parts of the God of War universe. Maybe there could be a map in Pandora's Temple, Pandora's Guardian could even pay the players a visit. Do you have any ideas about multiplayer maps?

Did you watch the PS4 reveal? It looks like they've really upped the graphical quality of the system which is good, but something tells me we won't be seeing God of War on the PS4 for a while as Santa Monica are working on a different game, I was actually really disappointed that they've gone with making another shooter game, personally, if I were them I would have tried another hack and slash game as they know what they're doing with that and they're good at it, if they aren't experienced enough with shooting games then it won't go as well as it could have. But I digress, here's a question I've been toying with: should God of War IV actually come out or should we just let Kratos rest in peace? Shmeagle Two wrongs don't make a right, but they do make a good exuse 07:44, August 20, 2013 (UTC)

I'm so angry that they took the gauntlets out... I mean, when I went to play yesterday the gauntlets were still in the weapons list, but unavailable. In all of them, it was written "Coming soon". Of course they'll get them back to the game, but I'll be pissed if they put them back as DLCs. I've already paid a big price for this game. Are some free new weapons too much to ask for? Did this happen to your gauntlets, too?

The gauntlets of Ares were really the best ones, in my opinion. Their special attacks were really effective and long ranged. I didn't like Hades' ones because the L1+Square never works. I teleport, but my warrior always misses the enemy, even when it's right in front of me, or even when there are a lot of enemies around me. It never hits any of them. But the L1+Triangle, that geiser of souls, is very cool.

I thought the best class for me would be Poseidon, but I'm no longer so sure. Zeus is very good at a high level. He has a relic that gives you magic every time you open a chest (if you press the right minigame button), so it's like: superpowerful battle mage + pratically infinite magic. Very useful at any situation. Ares seems good for me, too, with the fire powers, that fire punch magic (I remember some funny stories with it) and the strenght. Put some armor that gives you extra resistance (such as his Battle Armor) and you pratically become a human tank. Hades helps me to survive in the battlefield, but it's just that for me. I'm getting bored with him because I'm still trying to level it up to 40, and I'm tired of soul and darkness everywhere (although the stolen health orbs do make a good difference for me). Anyway, when I'm with Poseidon I just use the Artemis' armor, which gives you a lot of Physical Power. That's it. You're no longer the weakest and most ridiculous class at all. I guess I'm even stronger with Poseidon than with Ares because of this... I just told this for you to know a bit of how the other classes actually are.

About the maps and some ideas of places, well maybe Atlantis (eletric traps and sea mosnters); the Domain of Death (those giant roots); Atlas (that sounded cool...); Olympia (with Perses on the background, ballistas, like the one Kratos used to shot Helios) could be good places. Actually, I only thought on those ones now, by reviewing some places of the Series, but there's one I've been thinking about for a long time and I really don't know why they didn't think about it yet: the Prision of the Damned, Hecatonchires. A constantly changing scenary with giant threats, and maybe even Megaera on the background, trying to kill players with the giant hands of Aegaeon. I think that place would be good for 4x4. I'll try to think better later...

Sometimes I think about GOW 4, too. That Easter Egg in Ascension's singleplayer is really interesting and I wonder what was it talking about, because it's one of the only things that definitly hints that there will be another game. But I really don't know how would it be, and Santa Monica doesn't seem to be so interested in what happens after GOW 3, too. Have you noticed this? The two games that were released after GOW 3 were just flashbacks of Kratos life. Ghost of Sparta was actually "useful" for the Series for explaining so much about Kratos' story, but Ascension, in my opinion, was there just to add new stuff to it. And because of the Easter Egg. Or maybe just because someone had the idea of Multiplayer. Anyway, I think they are procrastinating GOW 4: they could have done it a long time ago, or even now in 2013, but they are simply trying to distract fans with other periods of Kratos' life.

And what would Kratos do in GOW 4 anyway? I mean, even if someone is still alive in the world, like all the other mythologic characters that never appeared in the Series, I don't think Kratos would have a reason to kill anyone of them. He had his revenge against Ares. Zeus and Olympus stopped trying to kill him (because they died, too). Kratos is finally free from his nightmares. In my opinion, there's only one thing that would be a good reason for Kratos to be back: Deimos. As if Ares' ghost or anyone else was torturing his soul for some reason and Kratos would try to help him, or maybe Deimos would have his own game, or maybe we could play as both. Actually, when Ghost of Sparta was released, I thought this was the only reason for this game to have been created: introducing Deimos, the reason Kratos would be still alive after GOW 3, in the Series. Again, you see I thought Ascension's campaign was useless about this...

Oh, and by the way, have you seem something that looked like... uh... a new GOW poster? In internet. I saw a picture here in the wiki. It was grey, and it was only showing a part of what was written, and my computer is not opening pictures entirely, but I think I could read: God of War - Redemption, with PS4 and PS Vita below that. What do you think this is about? Something a fan invented? A new plan of Sony? Or my computer's getting crazy?

Uglyguy25 (talk) 18:51, August 20, 2013 (UTC)

I think I know what poster you're talking about, I got really excited when I saw it but then I noticed something - one of the words at the bottom was spelled incorrectly, that means that it's probably not official. In one way, I hope God of War IV doesn't come out as, like you said, there's no one for Kratos to have 'justified' revenge on but then God of War IV, if done correctly, could show the full power of the PS4 and will hopefully take all of the bad things of the series out and put all of the good things in. The one thing that I hope that the God of War team has learned from the lukewarm (and sometimes negative) reception of Ascension is that the reason that people liked the series is not just that there's epic battles and gore - a giant monster fight is all well and good but it should be there to add to a game instead of making it; Ascension, to me, began to feel like an excuse to go sight seeing in some parts, it was like the team put more work into the sights than into the gameplay and that's a shame. Pacing was also a problem, some enemy battles dragged on and made the game unfun in some parts, this was especially annoying was even the weaker enemies could block (9/10 cases) and they rarely flinched - God of War's combat was always about brutality and efficiency at killing, Ascension seemed to try and play out like a different game with the same move set as a God of War game and that didn't work too well.

I haven't been on ascension today so I haven't seen the gauntlets, I really hope that they make them free - even if they only make the ones that are for the gods (you know, Ares Gauntlets and such) then that would be better than nothing. I understand that they will make ones that cost and that's fine as they need to make money, however, to give paying players a whole weapon class advantage over players who don't want to pay is just really unfair and will make a lot of people angry.

I myself didn't like Deimos too much as, to me, he felt a little bit contrived and as if they were saying "Oh look, here's another reason that you should feel sorry for Kratos", he also didn't seem that different to Kratos and so a story about him solely may seem too close to a story about Kratos. Personally, if there was to be a God of War IV, I would want it against Kratos, I would prefer it if you played as a mortal who was badly effected by the end of the world (I'm guessing most people were) and went off to kill Kratos (who we are assuming is alive). This may freshen up the series and bring an end to Kratos's story properly. Shmeagle Two wrongs don't make a right, but they do make a good exuse 19:54, August 20, 2013 (UTC)

I always thought of Ghost of Sparta as an excuse for something bigger in the Series. GOS was being planned since GOW 3: the notes we find in the Underworld before fighting against Hades (the ones of Kratos' mother and Deimos), the way Poseidon said Atlantis would be avenged, the moment we hear Deimos' voice in the Pool of Blood, the way Zeus tells Gaia "Perhaps you should have chosen the other one" and, of course, the fact that GOS was released only about 8 months after GOW 3. It's obvious that they were planning it already, as if GOS was there specially to be an excuse for another game, not only to reveal more things about Kratos' past. And what was the most important thing that GOS added to Kratos story? Deimos. That's where my theory comes from: GOW 4 could be a game talking about a quest of Kratos' forgotten brother, but to do this, Santa Monica would first need to give more information about him, so they release a game specially to do this.

But I'm just saying this because it's the only thing that makes sense to me. I like your idea about a new warrior that would try to kill Kratos. With so many people in mythology, isn't it possible that someone can actually bring down the Ghost of Sparta once and for all? Ok, I've made a stupid question... But I do like the idea of a new warrior. I've already thought about this a couple times myself, too, trying to invent a new main character for GOW, but I guess the guy I invented wouldn't be so powerful to defeat Kratos. If you want another suggestion of a person to kill Kratos that already exists in the series, what about the Last Spartan? Kratos should have sunken Sparta when he killed Poseidon, right? Would that be a good reason for him to go after Kratos? Or maybe Deimos again. He's one of the few guys that came really close to killing Kratos in a fair battle, with Kratos in his full potential and not weakened or too busy to evade a giant pointy pillar.

I've been thinking about some really stupid things in Ascension's Singleplayer. In Multiplayer, we can use the Amulet of Uroborus in Troy for example, right? It has a discard move (L1+O) in Multiplayer: the player slams it on the ground, and all warriors near get slowed down. They put this move in Multiplayer, but not in Singleplayer, for which the Amulet was specially made. That seems stupid to me. And another thing: Multiplayer has even more bosses than Singleplayer, or at least more boss-like characters (this includes giant beings that can attack you, but can't be killed by you). That's what I mean when I say Santa Monica focused (and still focuses) too much in Multiplayer when they made the game and almost always forgot Singleplayer. I'm not saying that Multiplayer is bad or anything. I like the new maps and bosses. I just think they should have made Singleplayer with the same quality.

I'll see if I can tell more about the 4x4 maps I thought about in the next comment. Uglyguy25 (talk) 21:18, August 20, 2013 (UTC)

I understand what you mean about GoS and how it introduces Deimos, and I think that it would make the game pointless if they didn't revisit Deimos a bit, but if they were to make God of War: IV about him, they'd need a reason for Deimos to come back from the dead. We can assume that Deimos isn't capable of escaping Hades (or, at least, he can't do it easily) as he wasn't there to help his brother against Zeus so there would need to be a reason to why he came back alive.

I think you're right about Sanata Monica focusing too much on multiplayer, but I think that Ascension was made simply because of the multiplayer and that's why the single player isn't up to scratch; if you think about it, if the God of War series had always had multiplayer, Ascension wouldn't exist as the story explored in Ascension was pointless. But maybe it's a good thing that they focused on multiplayer in Ascension, that way they'll know what's good and what's not for God of War IV.

Anyway, I'm going on holiday for a week so I won't be able to talk for a while, I'll reply as soon as I can. Shmeagle Two wrongs don't make a right, but they do make a good exuse 09:45, August 24, 2013 (UTC)

Sorry I haven't been replying lately. I had to study for some tests... You said exactly what I think about Ascension: they just made it because someone had the idea of bringing multiplayer to GOW, and the singleplayer itself didn't add anything really "useful" or clarifying to Kratos' story, just another part of his life that doesn't make much difference for anyone to know.

I think that if it had shown Kratos' life in the Spartan army and his servitude to Ares it would actually fit to be called "Ascension", because that's when he was actually becoming what he is nowadays, "ascending" in his life as the Ghost of Sparta. Of course, it wouldn't show only the Barbarian War or the day he killed his family, but actually show the period he served Ares more meticulously. Because, of course, everyone already knows what happenned when he fought the Barbarians and how he killed his family, so the game wouldn't show only this, but does anyone actually know how many people / monsters / divine beings did he kill when he served Ares? And who did he kill? That would be a good way to put many Greek people who never appeared in the Series in a new game, in my opinion. Odysseus, Pan, Agamenon, Achilles, Demeter, Orion, Dionysus, Chiron, Hector, Hekate, Janus... not all of these would be good bosses, I know, some are just people to kill without fighting, but if they'd defied Ares, I guess that would be a good reason for Kratos to go after them. I know some of them are gods, but if Kratos had enough power to kill the Furies at that time, would any of these be a problem? It's like Ares told Kratos once: Kratos had given his life to him for power, and that's what he received. Not enough power to kill Ares himself or another Olympian, but who knows to kill some less powerful (but still important) Greek gods?

About the 4x4 maps, I'm still trying to think about them, but it's been difficult to invent some good "divine interventions" at each map I mentioned. I know you told me you won't read this so soon, so I'll see if I can think about something along the week. Uglyguy25 (talk) 23:41, August 27, 2013 (UTC)

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