Wrathbringer6 Wrathbringer6 25 November 2010

Favourite Non-Main Weapon?

What non-main (ie not Blades of Chaos, Athena, or Exile) do you guys like the most and why?

I'd have to go with the Arms of Sparta simply because it's such a classic Greek weapon. In every God of War game we see some fantastic and outlandish creatures/weapons/magic so it's nice to see something simple for a change, not to forget that it also kicks ass. I love using the AoS to single out Gorgons so that I can rip off their head and freeze everyone around me!

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Wrathbringer6 Wrathbringer6 15 November 2010

Bonus Content & Secrets Overlapping?

Hey everyone,

I noticed that there are two seperate sections labeled as Bonus Content and Secrets, both of which seem to accomplish the exact same thing yet have seemingly random content on both of them. For instance I see that the Challenge of Hades is on the Secrets page but not on Bonus Content, and the Godly Possessions are spread out between the two pages as well.

I think these two pages need to be consolidated, but what section should we use? Should they all be under Bonus Content or under Secrets? I vote for Bonus Content but I figured I'd do up a blog post before making the changes.

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Wrathbringer6 Wrathbringer6 14 October 2010

New God of War Game Idea

So I've been thinking about what could be the next God of War game and I think I've found the answer. I don't think we should continue the current story just yet but instead explore more of Kratos' past, in particular the time from when he first joined the Spartan Army to when he fights the Barbarian horde and is saved by Ares. Since he doesn't have the Blades of Chaos in this period the entire fighting style of the game would have to be reworked, which also means he'd have to stick to conventional weapons like swords, spears, shields, etc. I also think that this could introduce an interesting RPG element into the game and also expand on Kratos' history at the same time.


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