Hey everyone. I know almost all of us want a GOW IV, so here are my two possible storylines:

1. Kratos survives, but finds out what Athena meant by what would happen if he destroyed Olympus, and the horror Zeus had been keeping at bay. Chaos, the father of all creation, was imprisoned by Zeus in the Flame of Olympus, which even the other Gods did not know about. Zeus would call on the unlimited power of Chaos to give him his strength. However, with Zeus dead and the Flame destroyed, Chaos returns, and wants to destroy the world and remodel it in his image. Kratos, wiser and horrified at what he has done, knows Chaos must be defeated, and searches the Underworld for Deimos, his only ally, to help him kill Chaos.

2. Marcus Brittonus, a private investigator who has had his own scuffles with the law for his brutality, discovers along with the SWAT the forgotten Temple of Pandora underneath New York City. Inside, Marcus opens up Pandora's Box and releashes evil and monsters back into the world. The spirit of Kratos also comes out of the box, and tells Marcus he was the one who caught the evils and placed them in the box, and now Marcus must do it, and gives him the Blades of Exile. Now Marcus must search for all of the evils he released.

What are your possible storylines? Add comments to this please.

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