If you had the choice to create a weapon for God of war....what ever comes out next. What will it be it can have any ability or power it can be anything your choice, and you have to tell how you obtain this weapon. Like you know how Kratos steals or takes other peoples weapons or majic for his own "good" purposes.

This is my weapon: Okay say Kratos just journeyed into a forest and is suddenly attacked by Artemis"s hunters and eventually he finds artemis and she has this giant two sided sythe one side has a real sythe the other side is a small straight sythe and it has spikes at the ends of each sythe, and you hold it in the middle where the holds are and it is like a staff. It can also break apart connected by a chain It also acts like a 3 section staff without the 3rd section. The powers it possess is that you can slash the air and create portals that can create a vortex suction of your life, and also it can regenrate by the chains. So while Kratos engages in battle they fight and fight until kratos dodges the sythe in it's 3 section staff mode that was supposed to be for his torso to the left side of it and cuts off the the chain of the sythe Kratos catches the broken off sythe and slices off artemis arm with the sythe, and her arm falls to the ground with the other sythe in her falling arm. Then kratos sclices off her legs and then hooks her torso with the real sythe and then walks over to the other sythe and picks it off her rotted arm, and then says "Thank you for the weapons"(because she already gave him the blade of Artemis) She struggles and sneers at him by saying "My brother will Ki......" By then he sliced of her head, and then says "he will also DIE" Then Kratos obtains the Sythe of Artemis.