GOD of WAR: Ascension Multiplayer Gameplay

The new GOD of WAR: Ascension, has a multiplayer available to PS3.

After hours of playing it, I have to say it is awesome and addicting.

It can be intimidating at first, but stick with it and once you start unlocking weapons and armor, the fun begins.

First pick your God from the available choices of Zeus (Elemental damage) and Ares (Physical Damage). Poseidon and Hades aren't available in the beta. If you choose Zeus pick gear that is gives more elemental power and with Ares pick Physical power.

I suggest playing the 4-player game mode first ( Favor of the Gods ) to get used to the combat, then play the 8-player mode( Team Favor of the Gods ).

This game is awesome and I suggest it to everyone!

GOD of WAR Ascension Multiplayer Gameplay PS3

GOD of WAR Ascension Multiplayer Gameplay PS3

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