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  • Demon Killer

    God of War RPG

    May 12, 2013 by Demon Killer

    In the vein of the popular set-in-stone RPG series Dungeons & Dragons, I am constructing a God of War RPG based on Ascension's multiplayer.

    This is not a video game in development, rather a Tabletop RPG setted in the God of War universe. Cool huh?

    Below is the list of Alignments, indented listings are what those alignments are in example wise.

    • Zeus
      • Archers
      • Paladin
    • Hades
      • Rogue
      • Warlock
    • Poseidon
      • Priest
      • Shaman
    • Ares
      • Warrior
      • Bezerker
      • Barbarian

    It takes place in Greek Mythology, and because of that; as you play, you will encounter creature and beasts from Greek Mythology and the God of War franchise. Some such as Satyrs, Elephantours, and so on. You will also encounter people/soldiers/bandits/barbarians/other obstacles than simply monsters and Gods.

    Like D&D, there …

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  • Demon Killer

    the cestus

    June 26, 2010 by Demon Killer

    I srry but I have one question about the nemean cestus. How many people actually like the look of the cestus? how many people like it because it's useful? this is question that leads into a bigger question. Why in hell is the nemean cestus on a cd cover? huh, Why? Why is the cestus so famous?

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  • Demon Killer

    this is my fan fic of Kratos, beating up Mortal Kombat characters.


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  • Demon Killer

    ok I've notticed somethings from other games and comic books that were used in god of war 3

    some of the gods have similarities to some DC superheroes

    • poseidon = Aquaman
    • Hermes = the flash

    the other gods don't see anything but one other god(or demigod) has similarities to a disney movie, thats right you guessed it "Hercules".

    ok, we all know he dies then we see a post-credits scene but I'm going to talk about his agenda, people say he is a anti-hero but if you hear some words in god of war 2 and 3, he sez things that relate to saving sparta or protecting it. This might mean he is not just an anti-hero but he is also a superhero(like that comic book spawn) I'll show you guys a picture. Now that you see it, I'm thinking that he is as much the same…

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  • Demon Killer

    the concept idea

    May 27, 2010 by Demon Killer

    I have a question to the other users. shouldn't we put in the concept, you know like the idea was to make the game or the character, like that?

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