I have to say that GOD OF WAR is a weak game. The first one was boring. Nothing to do but hack and slash, witch I love. In a game like that there has to be other stuff to do otherwise it gets very boreing playing the game. I love all greek and roman mytholiyge games, but GOW is missing something. Dont quite know what it is yet. GOW 2 was also pretty lame, not much better then the first. I beat the game in a half a day. GOW 3 did'nt even waste my time looked pretty stupid like the first 2. I have to say the best hack in slash game I have played this year was DARKSIDERS every thing about that game was awsome. 10 out of 10. The game play was excellent and very challenging, story was very deep, and the game was loaded with extras, secert terasures, unlockable armour, great class of weapons. I loved how it was about the FOUR HORSEMEN something totaly new. I just hope they keep going with this game and turn it into a great franchise like CASTLEVANIA. We need more gothic video games. DEVIL MAY CRY is for the birds!!!!!!!. As for GOW Kratos can stay on MT. Olympus, I don't give a damn. Oh one more DANTE'S INFERNO AND JASON RISE OF THE ARGANAUTS, both game's were a WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY, they were worse then GOW on every level, I have nothing good to say about those 2 games. If you are looking for a real mythical game that is a challenge to any good gammer, play SHADOW OF ROME MADE BY CAPCOM. That game is no cake walk. It's a few year's old now, but still a timeless classic for the PS2. And the last one is a great game too, slightly easy, but a lot of fun, great game to play SPARTAN TOTAL WARRIOR MADE BY SEGA. Also for the PS2.

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