I have worked on this wiki for approx 5 years now and over the years I have met really annoying pratices. Vandalism by people without accounts. It is very disrespectful to all men and women who tried their best to make this wiki informative and interesting. But over the last months, it passes all bounds. Rarely a day passes without someone ruining a page with stupid suggestions, vulgar languages or sometimes wrongly removing content. This has to be repaired by others (both by people with and without accounts, some are sincere). The newest trend is even more repulsive, namely undoing the repair. 

So my proposal is the following, block any anynomous contributer for editting a page. I have seen this on other wikis, mainly because of the age-13 rule but as a side-effect, they have less vandalism. This would make work easier for us. It would discourage vandals from doing what they are doing as they would have to make an account and those who are unteachable will be easily blocked. And with the history of each page, it is easy to find the culprit. For intentional vandalism, (not spreading misinformation, everyone can be wrong once in a while,  but real vandalism), I propose a permanent ban on that account.

But to the fair wiki contributor, I want to say the following: I'm not targetting all of you. I know many of you have helped the wiki in the past, so don't take this wrong way. If you want to contribute to the wiki, in all earnest and with good intention, you could make an account. Having an account doesn't mean you have help this wiki frequently, even if it is a one-time action. But it will make things easier and you can do more.

Please tell me what your views are on this proposal.



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