my own story for next god of war : prologue "after his death, the birds (who take baby zeus into mountain) has taken kratos into loom chamber. and throw kratos into the mirror, and kratos was sent into another dimension by that mirror. suddenly nordic, egypt, shinto god found him in sea. and ressurect him. and thor saying to another gods to go from this world, and after that kratos wake up and thor saying "welcome to my universe kratos" and kratos saying "who are you" ? i'am the gods who ressurect you... and kratos saying " what purpose to bring me back to life" ?! and how do you know me ? "the world has change kratos you're the warrior who can take down all gods from olympus. you should know the fear that comsumed gods was affected the another dimension too , we'are the gods should stop that fear before every dimension become chaos" thor saying "so i should help gods to defeat that fear ? kratos saying "yes and also to change your personality in this world, i hope you can learn" thor saying "what do you mean ?" kratos saying "this time you don't have any revenge to another gods so your rage is useless in this situation know, you sould know that." thor saying suddenly the sky become dark and dark creatures come from above. "great! another pleagues. let's go into sky" thor saying "what do you mean ? kratos saying suddenly kratos feel the power inside his body and his body covered with blue aura. "c'mon before this plague destroying this planet" thor saying "planet ?" kratos feel confused and after that both flying into sky and in second , kratos and thor already in space . kratos saying" the hell is this place ?? " thor saying" this is space i hope you can breathing" suddenly that dark creatures turn become clouds that cover entire planet and suddenly the planet is explode. kratos can feel the explode from that planet, but he try to resist it. thor saying " i think we're late. let's go to my place . we will meet another gods in there" thor saying and kratos asked" how we can destroying fear ? " thor saying" fear is concept of chaos, so basically it cannot destroyed by using physical power or magic. but we should remove that from existence" how? " kratos asked confused "with power of hope" thor saying "hope" ?? why should hope" ? kratos say "its too many explanation" iam gonna tell you everthing after we arrived into my place" thor saying =prologe end= </span>

next chapter still on pogress

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