About me

Hi there. I am Watcher. I started out on Zeldapedia, but my membership there apparently got me on here, so let's see what we can do with this. More info as it comes to me.

About Me

I already have my own little mythos, but I suppose that since this is the world of God of War, I'd better take a crack at a new one...

Anyways, I was once a servant of Apollo, crafting visions for him to give to his Oracles, until Kratos' rampage, when he killed my master. Knowing I could not stand up to him, I wait, the new God of Prophesy, until the day comes when I am strong enough to gain revenge on my master. No one can know where I live, for the world is in Chaos, and I must not let Kratos find me just yet. Until that day, I wait, creating visions for any who wish for them. Until that day...

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