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Poseidon Ascension

Brief story

I'm just another guy in the world who likes God of War. What else can I say? It's a great series, with several awesome games and a nice story. I have played every God of War game by now.

I love Greek mythology since I've discovered Percy Jackson, and like to research about every character I hear of - just to see Kratos killing off him/her later, hehe. But seriously, one of the best things in God of War is how they respect the original myths for most of the times and give life to each person, god and monster in an awesome way. That's why I like it so much.

For now, I'm a little inactive in the wiki, but if anyone needs help with anything, or wants to start a discussion about mythology or the games, just call me. Maybe I can help out somehow (:

Favorite characters

  • Hephaestus: I like the way a god can craft just about anything using only his fingers, ranging from automatons to powerful weapons (The Nemesis' Whip is my favorite weapon in God of War III) and be the god of fire. I wonder how wise and handy Hephaestus would be/was in the real Mythology and I have much respect for him. That's why I don't like his appearance in the game: he was just too much ridiculous in comparison to his Mythologic version. At least he has one of the main roles in the storyline and I think he is worthy of that.
  • Nemesis: She never appeared in person in the series actually, but being the goddess of justice and retribution gives her a good status. A match against her would be great, specially if she wielded the Nemesis' Whip: it's a very fascinating weapon, like I've said before, and their blue eletric powers are great too. She would be a really baddass character... and even boss.
  • King Midas: A very unlucky character with a very interesting power. I guess that's the best thing that can be said about him. It was very depressive to see him suffering the way he did in Ghost of Sparta, like loosing a hand for being just too crazy, but at the same time watching him turning everything he touched into gold was a very cool effect in the game. I hope he has found peace after he was thrown into a lava fall by Kratos and turned into gold... at least untill Kratos killed Hades in GoW 3, making the "lives" of the souls of everyone he had already killed even worse... Poor Midas.
  • Stheno: Another charcater who fans have been expecting for a long time, like since the end of GoW 2. Who knows what she'll look like if she appears in Ascension? She would be more realistic than the previous gorgons for sure. Probably, developers made/would make her even bigger, stronger and uglier than Euryale, because that's what fans would want her to be like. What GoW fan wouldn't like to see Kratos killing another huge and grotesque monster, specially a gorgon?
  • Kratos: Well, what can be said about him? He's the man who was capable of exterminating almost all of the mythologic heroes, monsters, gods etc and destroy everything in the world, too. Of course, he also did many other unbelieveable things, like coming back from the Underworld after dying about four times and opening Pandora's Box, among other stuff. If he was still alive nowadays...

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