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Hades Takedown

Kratos battling Hade in the Throne Room.


Due to the release of multiplayer, I'm leaving my PSN ID on this page so anyone who stumbles across it can add me. My user name is Stesichorus, I'd be happy to accept any requests and have a game on the multiplayer mode of Ascension.

I've been playing the God of War series since the first one, it was the first and only game that I was sad for it to end. Because I like God of War I've been given "great" nicknames like Euryale and Hades, I sometimes hate my friends -.- (don't look like either of them in my opinion).

Favourite characters in the God of war universe

  • Athena- She always had an air of dignity about her and seemed to be one of the only Olympians who were actually god-like. I'm not too keen on her in God of war III however, maybe it's her sudden change accent or her random decision to join with Kratos for, in my opinion, no good reason.

What a sexy beast.

  • Euryale- Although she is more of a shouting, fat, green slug thing than an actual character, she was always one of the most memorable boss fights in God of war II in my opinion, and probably the one that made me laugh the most. Also, her expression in her picture makes it look like she had just had a crap in someones bed and is feeling quite proud of herself.
  • Kratos- Well what can I say? He's Kratos.

Pages I created

Reviews of the God of War Games

God of War: Chains of Olympus

(Just a note: I haven't played this game on the PSP, I played it on my PS3 on the Collector's Edition Volume II so the PSP game may have slight differences from the PS3 port). Most God of War fans consider this as the worst God of War game (by no means is that bad, however) but I actually like it more that God of War III. You might think I'm mad to even consider this five hour add-on better than the 'mighty' third instalment, and I wouldn't if it was a console title but it's a handheld game and they've done a great job. The scale is impressive, even on my TV screen, so I can imagine it being pretty amazing on the PSP. The combat is the same, not that I'd want it to be different, and this makes it stand out among the other hack-and-slash games available to buy. The only complaint I can make about the combat is not directly linked to the game mechanics but to the camera angles, I was completely destroyed a few times because the camera decided that a nearby wall was more interesting then a bloodthirsty Minotaur that was quickly approaching. I won't go into too much detail about the magic for the simple reason that I only ever used the Efreet. The Efreet caused massive damage (perhaps I've been watching too many 'giant enemy crab' videos) to surrounding enemies and proved useful in tight scrapes. The other magical abilities were the Light of Dawn, and Charon's Wrath (I really think I've forgotten something but I cannot think of anything else), these were both ok but neither were anything special as they didn't do as much damage as the Efreet. The only other extra that I used was the Gauntlet of Zeus, it completely obliterated slow enemies and the L+O attack in the air got me through the Persephone battle almost unscathed. There weren't that many bosses but the ones that were included certainly pushed the PSP to the limits. The Basilisk was the epic opening boss that has been continued throughout the series, I remember it being quite hard as the fireballs delt tons of damage and they couldn't be blocked. The Persian King (I know the battle came before the Basilisk battle but we get to see and deal damage to the Basalisk first) was alright, nothing overly special but he was satisfactory, with a pretty violent kill. Charon was probably the easiest boss I've ever been against, it was simply block/dodge his slow and predictable attacks until he stayed still. Persephone was my favorite in the game, she was challenging (the fist time I went against her I hadn't upgraded the Gauntlet of Zeus) and seemed to possess a huge amount of power even though she's kind of a minor goddess. The story, although not compulsory, was nicely implemented and help explain a bit about Kratos' past (although he was more shouty than in the first game). That's all I really have to say about Chains of Olympus, it was exceptional for the PSP (even if it seems I haven't said that many good things about it) and I'll give it a 7.5/10.

Pros of Chains of Olympus

  • Great combat that satisfies every need.
  • Nicely implemented story.
  • The Gauntlet of Zeus was an amazing secondary weapon.
  • It pushed the PSP to its limit and looked great on my TV.

Cons of Chains of Olympus

  • I'm convinced that the camera angles are evil.
  • The magic (other than the Efreet) proved useless to me.
  • The whole Morpheus dilemma was resolved embarrassingly quickly.

God of War

The first game in the series and my second favourite, the story was the strongest here and Kratos was a better character back then. The combat was solid, the upgarade system worked well, and the magic was useful. Kratos, as stated before, was a more likeable person, he seemed to show remorse and his actions were not always 'kill, stab, maim' (a formula that is getting a bit 2D for good characters). His main goal was always clear and he got round Pandora's Temple in a realistic fashion (I'll get to that later). The graphics were excellent for a game created in 2005 which is always a good thing. The music was epic and this set the milestone for the rest of the series. There were a few problems in God of War however, some of the puzzles were incredibly annoying (the pillars of Hades for example), the platforming was not always as strong as it could be (a few platforms were missed because of this), three of the four magical abilities were given near the start of the game and this was a bit weird, the secondary weapon (the Blade of Artemis) wasn't very useful (too slow, not enough combos), and there wasn't enough bosses (I don't really count Medusa as a boss). All in all it was an amazing game, I'd give it a 8/10 (this is based around the rest of the God of War series).

God of War: Ghost of Sparta

The second PSP instalment of the God of War series, and in many ways better than the first. I'll start off by saying that I did enjoy the game and the mechanics and graphics were obviously better than that of its predecessor, however, it still had some problems and many of those are identical with God of War III's downfalls. I'll start off with the combat, as always, very nice and the few new moves that were added helped during scrapes. For some reason, the combat felt slower than in the other games, perhaps it was because I have the PS3 port and the increased screen size caused the blades to look as if they were going slower than usual. Another problem with the combat was again the camera, this time it was worse as the environments were much more detailed and the enemies were a lot harder. I occasionally fell to my death as I couldn't tell where I was but that occurrence wasn't too common so I won't go on about it anymore. I don't tend to go into detail with the enemies for the simple fact that they're not usually anything overly difficult but the Geryons (sorry for atrocious spelling there) were probably the most annoying enemies in the game as there were very few ways that their attacks could be countered, dodged, or blocked. These enemies alone frustrated me enough to turn off the game for a few days but I eventually beat them (by luck) and was pleased that I didn't encounter them very many times again throughout the story. I did actually love Thera's Bane as it was a useful and accessible rage mode for the PSP game, it helped me a lot throughout the story, although, I didn't really like the fact that some enemies had to be killed by using Thera's Bane, I would've preferred it if they had made it so other attacks hurt as well but not as much. The Arms of Sparta were awful in my opinion, they couldn't get a decent attack in in a short enough amount of time so every time I tried to kill a monster with it I ended up face down in the dirt. I also hated the fact that they had to be used for certain things (reaching enemies from a distance) as it meant I had to use them during combat. I used the Erinis magic quite a lot (I cannot spell it for the life of me) as it allowed me to deal large amounts of damage without getting hurt myself. The Bores magic was useless in my opinion, I could never get it to work so I never used it. The Eye of Atlantis was pretty good but nothing overly special, it did its job. There might of been another magic but I didn't use it at all and so can't remember it (I haven't played this game in a very long time). Oh yes, I nearly forgot to mention Ghost of Sparta's main problem, the story (the same with God of War III). It was pretty bad and incredibly cliché with the whole 'lost brother' thing, yes I'm aware that there was a video in the first game saying about Kratos' brother but that doesn't mean that they had to base an entire game around him. The situation with Deimos was resolved embarrassingly quickly so it all seemed like a waste of time in the end, I also thought that Kratos' sad emotions were badly done (not TC Carson's fault, it wasn't the voice) as it seemed rather forced. Overall, I think Ghost of Sparta deserves a 7.75/10.

God of War II


A pretty epic scene from my favourite game.

The second intallment in the series and my personal favourite by far. The gameplay was massively improved from the first game: the combos were better, the controls were smoother, and it just felt ten times bigger. Everything kicked off very big with the Collossus of Rhodes and that set the scale for the rest of the game. The Island of Creation was huge and the best thing was that you got to explore nearly all of the parts that you saw. It was a spectacle. The secondary weapons were a lot more useful and the gaining of magic was better paced. In fact, all of the weapons/magical abilities were better: The Blades of Athena looked better, had better combos, and hit harder. Typhon's Bane was more powerful than Zeus' Thunderbolts and it looked like it hit harder. Cronos' Rage was a very different type of magic, it helped to clear out swarms of enimies without costing too much. The Barbarian's Hammer was more damaging than The Blade of Artemis but it swung at the same speed thereabouts, truthfully, I didn't really use either weapons very much, the blades worked better. The Head of Euryale was better than Medusa's gaze as it had better abilities, could turn Gorgons to stone, and looked slightly more memorable. The Spear of Destiny never turned out to be useful but at least you weren't forced to use it on some occasions, I liked the freedom of using whatever, whenever. Atlas Quake was the panic button of the game, it was there incase you were surrounded and it served its purpose, the only problem is that it was given later on in the game and I think the panic button magic should be given first as it's there for beginners. Although not a weapon in the story for very long, The Blade of Olympus was basically a super powered fast, short ranged, sword that occasionally shot lasers. Another great thing about God of War II is the boss fights, they were all different and all seemed like fights. There was also a lot of them which is good as the first game was lacking in boss fights. My personal favourite, as you may have guessed is Euryale, I'm still not sure why, I just found her funny. She's also quite well developed for a boss monster and lesser know myth. The music was certainly improved upon, I can still remember the "Hold devil's pot of tea" playing over and over again on the menu (I am aware that they are not the lyrics). The only downside is the story and Kratos himself: the story was kind of random and just seemed a bit last minuite in my opinion (although it did play out well in the end). Kratos seemed, dare I say it, too angry at everybody even though it was only him and Ares that really did anything (I know that the gods didn't get rid of his nightmares but he seemed more angry at them then he was at Ares even though he was the one responsible for the nightmares in the first place). Kratos also started to become predictable, you'd enter a room and he'd kill the people in it instead of trying to save them. It would be fine if it alternated between him being 'evil' and him being 'good' but he was always 'evil' and this made the story slightly (only slightly) monotonous. Overall, God of War II is a near perfect game with only one or two minor faults, I'd give it a 9.5/10.

God of War III

I've got mixed feelings about the third and final instalment in the God of War Trilogy, on one hand, it's a massive and breathtaking Hollywood blockbuster of a game, on the other hand, it's a bit of a let down. First, I'll start with the good things, the graphics were amazing, nearly everything looked great and Kratos is the best looking video game character that I have seen. The enemies (especially Hercules) looked realistic and moved well. The combat, like always, was smooth and it felt rewarding. A lot of the boss battles were huge in size (Cronos and Poseidon are the best examples), the kills were gory and satisfying. The level gore was upped which is always a good thing. There were a few famous voice actors who played their roles well, and the cinematics were movie-like. However, there is a flip side to God of War III, the weapons were practically all the same (chained and good for long distance, even the cestus had chains randomly attached), the inclusion of Athena was also a little bit terrible as it made her death pointless. Her accent changed as well, I wouldn't have minded this if it was vaguely similar to the two previous instalments but it sounded, no offence to the voice actor, awful. Kratos also became a completely dislikable character as he killed everyone he came into contact with even when he could have spared them. He didn't seem to have a motive to do half of the things he did, I don't mean the main plot, I mean that Kratos seemed to know exactly what to do without clues (it's difficult to explain). Some of the voice acting was bad (e.g. Athena) and this ruined a bit of the story for me. Speaking of the story, it was the weakest of the series by far. Everything started off well but it turned into a bit of a kill fest in the end which was a shame. I mentioned before in my review of the first game that Kratos got around Pandora's temple in a realistic fashion, it was a different case when Kratos was traversing The Labyrinth, the traps seemed way too suited to Kratos' situation and the entire area just felt a bit empty and useless. The last proper complaint is that the bonus costumes had to be paid for, this would be fine if some costumes could be unlocked and others had to be bought but unfortunately no different costumes were unlocked in reward for beating higher difficulties. I would be a little bit miffed if I spent hours completing Chaos mode and I didn't even get rewarded for it. Ooh, just as a little bug bare, I dislike Pandora as a character with a passion, so much so, I was cheering when she died. She, in my mind, was a pointless addition to the story and the whole 'key to the box' thing didn't make sense as Kratos opened the box befor without a little girl, what was the point of making a key for the box that could kill all of the gods anyway? It would make far more sense for the gods to just bury it underground without a means of opening it. The final boss fight was a bit of a let down as well but I can't be bothered to go into that at the moment. All in all, I'll give God of War III a 6.5/10.

Just a Note

If you come across my page and read these reviews, feel free to contact me on my talk page, I'd be happy to get feedback. Also, if you think I've got something wrong, don't hesitate to tell me. Although it'll probably never happen, if I get enough people reading this, I'll start taking requests for cheap (under £10) games and I'll do reviews of them.

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