aka Steven Savino

  • I was born on October 16
  • My occupation is Cart Pusher at Shop Rite
  • I am Male
Kratos epic

One of RaidenX's T-shirts.

Hello there! My name is RaidenX, and I am a big fan of the God of War gaming franchise. I've spent my time looking up the information on this wiki, but now, I have decided to help you guys out! I even saw the new footage for God of War III. Speaking of that, I preordered it. I'll be doing this for Kratos. And I have this to say....DEATH TO THE GODS!!! And Titans...

God of War video games that I have

God of War Collection CoverGod of War 3 III PS3 Region 1 CanadianChains

Favorite God of War Characters


Favorite Places to wreak havoc and destruction on


Favorite Weapons

NemeanCestusButtonBlades of Athena

Favorite Magic

Warriors of deimos - copia

Favorite God of War Bosses

HadesHermesCronos chainsZeus

Favorite God of War Music

  • The End Begins
  • Glory of Sparta
  • Rage of Sparta
  • The Ghost of Sparta
  • Chimera
  • Stalker
  • Pandora's Song
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