aka edrian

  • I live in the woods
  • My occupation is none
  • I am male


how are you supposed to keep calm oh well hes kratos

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My favorite pages

  • Kratos        

    i love these dudes 

   Kratos-everybody says "who cares his kratos i love him" im not that kinda guy i like him because he had the most insane number of weapons ever and god of war is better than darksiders as well

-Perses- Yup i know his a titan the thing that made me like him is i always see titans defeated but when i see him crushed helios god i know the reason why titan mode is harder than god mode   

Hepheastus-the only thing i loved him is he made the nemesis whip nothing else to say

Pages i made



my favorite weapons

Nemesis whip

Gauntlet of Zeus

Claws of Hades

My favorite god of war games

God of War - this actually made me epic the blade of artemis rocks the combat is smooth army of hades ruled !! .


God of War ll-this classic one was great cronos' rage ,atlas quke , rage ability the combat is so crazy and fun. i think 9.0/10

God of War : Ghost of sparta- this made me proud of my PSP the arms of sparta made me feel like a real spartan.


God of War lll- this was great nothing else to say but less crazier good anyways.. 9.5/10

God of war : Ascension-suck it xbox this ruled the elemental stuff were awesome plus the multiplayer 9.9/10.

God of War : Chains of Olympus- i think this is better than the ps3 version due to sexier graphics smoothest combat ever gauntlet of zeus rocked level design is ok i guess so a 9.7/10.

Jerks in God of War

Thanatos- he killed deimos thats all

Hermes- he's ugly he mocks you he deserves to die in a more gruesome way

Zeus- not because he killed kratos but he sent poseidon to die first damn you zeus!!

Athena- she might be noble kind and aid kratos but he didnt removed kratos' nightmares and she even stopped kratos from killing zeus.

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