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  • I live in Atlantis
  • My occupation is Ruler of the Seas
  • I am Male


"You have disrespected the gods for the last time Kratos!" - Poseidon



This explains my character.


"My vengeance is everything."

"I will see you suffer as I have suffered. Your soul is mine!" - Hades

"My vengeance...ends now." - Kratos

"You may have brute force, but you lack speed!" - Hermes

"You will never overcome your weakness as a mortal!" - Ares

"Now is the time, Kratos...the beginning of the end!" - Thanatos

I love Greek Mythology and I love these games I read about them everyday, yes that includes mythology and alot about it as well so dont fuck with me. I know what I'm doing because I read the true sources. I love all God of War games, the games feature great plot and story telling, they're like movies, I think thats why I'm so obssesed with the games. What Sony Santa Monica Studios has done is legend! And if I were to be one of the Olympians I would choose Poseidon! To rule over the seas and its creatures, and master the storms and earthquakes! Not to mention bringing the wrath of the seas upon those who anger me.

Quote of my Day!

"Have faith Kratos. The gods do not forget those who come to their aid." - Athena (God of War)

I love this guys!

  • Helios- Because he's my favorite Greek god out of the many there are. Nowhere in mythology it is said that Apollo replaced him as the Sun God or drives the Sun Chariot. People are just stupid.
  • Poseidon- Because he's my second favorite Greek god and he's epic. Arrogant bastard still cool though.
  • Hades- Well he is just as cool as Poseidon. I hated when people make him bad when he's actually not.
  • Kratos- Well he's just fucking badass. He killed Hercules and killed Gods and Titans. Especially their
    Helios looking down


    leaders. Nothing else to say about that. Plus he had sex with Aphrodite.
  • Hermes- Another favorite Greek god. He's a busy messanger and bringer of dreams and escort of souls to the Underworld. Also a cocky quick thinker.
  • Apollo- He maybe bi but he's a damn good archer. Apollo is god of many subjects. I might say he's more of a workaholic than Hermes.
  • Ares- Every god in Olympus hated him because of his argumentative and savege attitude. Hades recognized he was good for business in the Underworld but didn't like him either. Aphrodite loves him. Heracles knocked him off his feet four times in a single battle and ultimately forced him to flee from the battlefield. Poor Ares >=D
  • Thanatos- The Destroyer of Worlds!!! They've made a perfect model for him! Death is epic!
  • Nyx - Now that I know that the other statue in Ascension was Nyx and not Artemis I feel happy. This means that her presence in the GOW is for reals and not just open for questions. But Nyx's statue is beautiful, mesmerizing, and very sexy.

Dear Apollo will just appear for once!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ascension referenced you ALOT but all we got was murals and statues. You and Boreas like to be avoided by the developers. Artemis, Dionysus, Demeter (mentioned once), Hestia, Morpheus,etc. So many gods and goddesses!

Favorite Skins

  • Robotos- Why? Just play the game and enjoy. It's a Kratos cardboard robot costume! C'MON!!! >=D
  • Apollo- He may have been missing from the games but atleast we get to see what he looks like!
  • Morpheus Armor- Weeeell my favorite color is blue, the armor, full black eyes, and the tattoo color suits Kratos in my opinion. Also apart from Kratos and the tattoo, the armor and the eyes gives us a vivid image on how Morpheus really looks like.
  • Dark Odyssey- Don't know what to say about this one. O.o
  • Spud of War- Kratos in a potato costume with infinite magic?!?!?


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Epic Music!

God of War III OST Rage Of Sparta

God of War III OST Rage Of Sparta

God of War III OST Poseidon's Wrath

God of War III OST Poseidon's Wrath

Brutal Spartan - God of War Soundtrack (Alternative Tracks)

Brutal Spartan - God of War Soundtrack (Alternative Tracks)

This was to be the main theme of God of War.

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