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First God of War I've played, was God of War II in 2006. Now all those years later, it's still one of my favorite games. I've played all six games (I refuse to see Betrayal as a real title, despite it's consider being canon) but overal it is one of the best series ever made, together with series as Darksiders, Sly Cooper and The Batman Arkham Series.

Favorite Characters

  • Hades: Hades is one of the most badass looking characters I've ever seen in a game. He really looks like a tormentor, his helmet hiding his gruesomely disgusting face. He's one of the few gods who doesn't try look human, by using his shapeshifting ability. His weapons are also very nice, both the design as the power. What more can I say, hooks that can strip a Titan from his soul, much cooler you don't get.
  • Thanatos: Another ruler of death, Thanatos is a pure dark creature who doesn't underestimate his opponents and even smiles facing his own death. A creature even feared by the Gods of Olympus, something only he and Kratos have achieved, that rules his own world. His domain should be a better place to trap the Titans. It was also he who killed Kratos last remaining humanity by killing the latter's brother. It was almost too bad to kill him, almost...
  • Alrik: Alrik is one of my favorite boss battles in God of War II.Wielding a giant war hammer, he had also a cool weapon. Being one of Kratos first real enemies, his return was really nice. Smashing his skull in with his own hammer even nicer.
  • Oceanus: I just like the design.

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Top 6 God of War games

This is my top 6 GoW games:

  1. God of War II: Many epic boss battles as the Sisters of Fate as most pleasing and an epic journey through the Island of Creation, much variety in environment. These two aspects combined with a great story and enjoyable gameplay: This game is one of my all time favorite games together with Batman: Arkham Asylum / Batman: Arkham City, Darksiders, Driver: Parallell Lines and Sly 2: Band of thieves (It's funny game :) )
  2. God of War III: Bossfights as Hades, Poseidon, Zeus and Hercules, the kind of boss battle I want to see in more games. Beautiful Graphics, Kratos being pissed as hell, Aphrodite (What else were you expecting) and enemies that looks like they could really exist: chimeras and centaurs are the best examples of this. This game was the reason I bought a PS3, do I have say more.
  3. God of War: Ghost of Sparta: Ghost of Sparta is a nice experience, the boss battles are fun, not great but fun. Much collectibles in the game, two challenge series and combat arena. The reason why I placed this above God of War was because there are more action scenes, you see more result of your progess.
  4. God of War: Ascension: It was a close tie but I place God of War: Ascension above God of War for a few reasons. The boss battles are more challenging, The hecatonchire was a great addition to the series. The elemental magic powers and the fusion with the blades is great and the idea of forgetting certain powers, only to remember them later, actually works well (gives us more inside on how magic works in this universe). Great designs of monsters (Juggernauts!) finishes the job. It is not higher on the list due do his overall lack of Boss Battles, approxiamly 4 bosses (things I consider bosses), a problem shared with the titles lower on the series and no challenge series. But the additional Multiplayer coups this critism.
  5. God of War: The epic bossbattles that placed God of War on the map and become a trademark of the series, Ares' design makes him one of the most memorable game villains for me, the puzzles which also become a trademark of the series.
  6. God of War: Chains of Olympus: I have to say, I was a bit disappointed by CoO. It was still enjoyable but less than the rest.

God of War Cartoons

There are several satiric cartoon comics about God of War, these are my favorites. I found them on the Belgian/Dutch site: Playstationpure

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