No! The Ambrosia will give us life. It will give us strength. And as long it blooms on the Tree of Life, we will be immortal.


The Tree of Life is a large tree located on the living island Gyges.
Tree of Life

Kratos and the Tree of Life.

It held the divine talisman known as Ambrosia, a powerful elixir with healing capabilities. The Ambrosia, and the warriors who sought to claim it for themselves, became the subject of a wager, decided upon by gods bored with current proceedings. The wager served to see who would not only obtain the Ambrosia, but would prove strong enough to persevere, and keep all other warriors at bay.

Kratos, a Spartan warrior, was the first to find the tree and take its Ambrosia, only to be attacked by Helios' champion. In a fiery battle, Kratos was able to kill the champion by drowning him. After returning to his soldiers, Kratos was ambushed by Alrik and his Barbarians, but managed to repel the attack and guard the Ambrosia.

Years later, Kratos burned down Gyges, destroying the tree and all its ambrosia, as the disciples of Ares desired to utilize its power to resurrect their fallen god.