Titan mode

Titan Mode is the hardest difficulty setting in God of War II. To unlock it, completion one of three easier difficulty settings is required. Completing Titan Mode can unlock various additional features.

In this Mode, lower class enemies provide tougher challenges, and bosses become stronger and even harder to beat, while Kratos himself becomes much more prone to injury. Some attacks or traps become instant kills, like Theseus' ice spikes, and some of the strongest attacks of the Colossus.

One notable difference is the value of orbs. Yellow orbs, that fill the Rage of the Titan meter, will likely max out the meter, while opening Green and Blue Chests only restore as much as half the meter. Some Red Orbs, on the other hand, will raise the orb counter very slightly while some won't. For example, some Red Chests won't give Kratos any orb, as well as breakable pots and objects.

However, this Mode has an advantage, used by some players to make the gameplay easier, which could be considered a glitch. Since enemy attacks deal much more damage on Kratos, they also considerably damage other enemies. This means that if Kratos hits an enemy with another one, both of the foes will lose much more health than in other difficulties. For example, kicking hounds to each other, throwing Fates Sentries, or executing the "Orion's Harpoon", will deal more damage.

Titan Mode returned in God of War III, but only as the second hardest difficulty setting. Very Hard difficulty became represented by Chaos Mode.

The Titan Mode appeared again in God of War: Ascension, as revealed in Public Beta single player teaser.

Unlockables by beating Titan Mode

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