Titan Horn concept art

Cronos, the last of the mighty Titans, emerged from the desert sands. On his back, Pandora's Temple awaited, massive and patient, ready to challenge all who went in search of its guarded treasure.


The Titan Horn is a large, fixed bronze horn at the end of the Desert Ruins that is used to call Cronos, the carrier of Pandora's Temple. The horn can create sound waves of immeasurable proportions, as only this way could Cronos hear the summons. It is used only by those who wish to be granted passage to Pandora's Temple.

In God of War, Kratos reached the Titan Horn, but then it vanished in a cloud of sand, and a pack of Sirens then appeared. Kratos killed them all, the horn reappeared, and he used it to call to Cronos in the desert. When Cronos arrived, he was able to grab onto a chain that was attached to Pandora's Temple.

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