Thiazzi is a Jotunn and a character featured in God of War (2018). He is the father of Skaði.

Norse Mythology

In Norse mythology, Þjazi was a giant. He was a son of the giant Ölvaldi, brother of giants Iði and Gangr, and the father of Skaði. His most notable misdeed was the kidnapping of the goddess Iðunn, which is related in both the Prose Edda and the skaldic poem Haustlöng.

In the God of War Series

Before God of War (2018) 

Thiazzi was a good father to his daughter, he taught her to hunt. When Skaði rejected Odin, and for that insult, Odin vowed revenge. Odin knew that the Aesir were plagued by an Eagle who would come and steal the Eternal youth apples, Apples of Idunn. When Thiazzi transformed into an Eagle, he was shot and kill by his daughter, unaware that it was her father. When she went to collect her quarry, but found her father. Overcome with grief and shame when the winter came, she held her father in her arms in an eternal brace as she succumbed to her own fate afterwards.


  • It is unknown if Thiazzi tried to kidnapped Idunn in God of War (2018). It seems like he haven't tried to kidnapped her because he was killed by his own daughter at that time and Loki is a small child.
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