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The Therans were people that lived on the once great island of Thera.

Greek History

The Therans were people that lived on Thera, a volcanic island about 200 km southeast from Greece's mainland. One day, a great volcanic eruption began, destroying much of the land, with the remains being named Santorini.

God of War Comics

Kratos was on a quest for Ambrosia, an elixir which can heal any wound, and destroy any disease, in order to save his daughter from disease. However, a Theran warlord named Herodius also desired the Ambrosia to save his people from a disease secretly sent by Poseidon. Kratos and his Spartans then battled the Therans, which ended in the Spartans' victory. Herodius and Kratos battled, but the Theran was able to send the Spartan to the floor. As Herodius stood over the Spartan's body and lectured how his motives proved to be more valiant than that of Kratos', the Spartan lifted his sword and impaled the Theran in the face, killing him and ending the battle. After which, Kratos and his men commandeered Herodius' ship and set sail.


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