It has been long since our kind waited for the one destined to free us. Gaia foretold of our salvation, Ghost of Sparta.


God of War: Ghost of Sparta

Thera was a lava titan imprisoned inside the volcano mountain in Atlantis. She appears to be the core of the volcanic activity within the mountain. There, Kratos was informed by her that his arrival was foretold by Gaia. Pleading to be released, Thera threatened Kratos that should he avoid her, they would both remain prisoners of their own torments.

Kratos hurled his blades into Thera's chest, thus recieving the power of Thera's Bane. This act also set Thera free, who then started tearing down her chains as Kratos left the chamber, leaving destruction in her wake. As the volcano erupted, she was seen rising out of her captivity in the distance, yet her final fate remains unknown.


  • In God of War: Ghost of Sparta, Thera is voiced by Dee Dee Rescher.
  • Thera is the third female Titan identified in the God of War series, the first being Gaia, Titan Goddess of the Earth, and the second being Rhea, the mother of Zeus.
  • The name Thera is actually the name of Santorini volcano which is to say that the eruption had destroyed the Minoan civilization, which according to some researchers, could have been the Atlantis described by Plato. This island was also the home of Poseidon's champion, Herodius, whom was killed by Kratos, during their search for the Ambrosia of Asclepius.
  • Thera bears a resemblance to the Titan Perses, obviously since she is also a lava Titan.


  • Kratos with Thera's Bane

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