The Wager of the Gods is what caused Kratos to seek Asclepius' Ambrosia. Ares, Poseidon, Hades, Artemis, Helios, and Hermes chose a champion and gave them a reason to seek the Ambrosia--usually by cursing their champions (or their loved ones) with afflictions that could only be cured by their ultimate prize. The winner of the wager would get a statue of themselves erected in a new temple dedicated to them - however, Hermes claimed that he would have several statues erected all throughout Greece if his champion was victorious.

Despite the attempts of Poseidon and Hades, Kratos was still able to slay the other champions and acquire the Ambrosia, making Ares the overall winner of the wager.


  • Ares chose Kratos, giving Kratos' new born daughter, Calliope, a horrible disease. As Spartan law commanded infirm babies to be killed immediately, Kratos sought the Ambrosia to save Calliope.
  • Hades chose Alrik, putting his father in a "living sleep" to make him seek out the Ambrosia.
  • Poseidon chose Herodius of Thera, sending a plague to his city to inspire him to search for the Ambrosia.
  • Artemis chose Pothia of Keros, motivating her to find the Ambrosia by causing all of the pregnant women of Keros to give birth to stillborns.
  • Hermes chose Danaus, who he claims fights solely for the glory of his patron god. However, Danaus also seeks the Ambrosia to help the dying livestock of his village, implying that Hermes may have struck it with plague to further motivate his champion.
  • Helios chose Cereyon, but it is unclear what he did to motivate him to seek the Ambrosia. However, Cereyon states that Helios chose him when he battles Kratos, implying that the sun god may have directly contacted his champion and told him to seek the Ambrosia. 
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