The Tower of Delphi is the lock to access Oracle Altheia's temple. Located in the mountains of Delphi. The three replicas of Python are the key to charge up the tower.



The top of the Tower has three electric parts that must be energized in order to unlock Aletheia's Temple. Each one of these parts can only be "turned on" by one of the serpent mechanisms present in Delphi. Kratos released all of the three mechanic snakes and charged up these three parts. However, before he could actually unlock the Temple, he was attacked by the Manticore of Delphi on the Tower. After killing the beast and pulling another mechanism with one of his Blades, he was able to access the Temple.


The Tower of Delphi is a new Multiplayer map made specifically for the Trial of the Gods mode. Here, many enemies, such as Satyrs, Manticore Hatchlings, Wraiths and Chimeras attack players, with the participation of the Manticore itself as the boss of the map. The Manticore appears in the third and final rounds. When it's killed in the final one, the players win the match.

The electric parts of the Tower's floor, which were mentioned above, become charged up occasionally, damaging any player or beast that is on them. If a player is electrocuted, he won't be able to use his item for a short period. Enemies can also be thrown down from the Tower by some of its edges, which will kill them instantly.



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