The labor begins...death...awaits the ghost...he will never get the skull...the skull...

–The soldier

The Soldier with no eyes was a Cretan warrior, whom Kratos found at the island of Crete.


The Soldier.


Kratos found him sitting against a rock, among dead bodies, holding a dead warrior who is referred to as Dominus (Dominus' body was cut in half, which the blind soldier presumably did not notice as he spoke to the dead man as he were alive). After Kratos had asked what had happened, the warrior claims that the gods, who were angered at the warriors, had sent Erinys to be their executioner. The warrior then relayed a message to Kratos, sent by Erinys; the message stating Kratos would die before he would find "the skull". The soldier then died, but Kratos, unfazed by this, simply stated he was coming for his brother.

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