The Sewers are a location in God of War: Ascension. It is part of the Prison of the Damned.


This area contains:


After killing the first Infected Hand of Aegaeon and sliding after Megaera, Kratos finds himself in the Sewers of the Prison.

He climbs the walls to get to an exit and gets out of the Sewers. Up there, there is a metallic grid. Megaera passes on it outside, mocking Kratos, and then he kicks it. After climbing another wall, he finds a locked door, some Megaera's Minions with javelins in a locked cell and a crank, which he pulls. The crank enables the door, allowing Kratos to open it, but also releases the monsters from their cell. After killing them, Kratos can enter their cell to find an artifact on its floor: the Prisoner's Oath Stone.

After opening the mentioned door, Kratos enters a runner with cells and prisoners on its left hand side and windows on its right one. Megaera passes through the windows outside, mocking Kratos again, and after she's gone, the runner shakes: the fury had commanded an arm of Aegaeon to grab the part of the runner in which Kratos was and drag it away from the whole building.

Kratos fights enemies in the piece of building and, after defeating all of them, the arm attempts to crush it, with the Spartan still inside. Kratos runs and grapples another numb arm outside, swinging on it and getting to another part of the prison: the Guard House, the next chapter of the game. The arm succeeds in crushing the empty piece of building and then goes away.



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