Pool 1

Kratos in the Pool of Blood.

After Zeus had trapped Kratos inside his own mind, Pandora led Kratos off a cliff. However, Kratos fell off, into a pool made out of the blood of those he had slain, and heard voices from his past. This pool symbolized all of the sins the Ghost of Sparta committed throughout his lifetime.

In order to conquer his past, Kratos found the power of Hope and used it to clear away his own sins. Afterwards, he swam away, having defeated his own mind and found his redemption.


Barbarian King:

  • Do you remember that day, Spartan?


  • I won't allow you to hurt her.
  • You will never find her.


  • Good luck with that little whore you call Pandora!
  • You destroy everything you touch!


  • You cannot change your destiny, mortal!


  • You soul will never find peace, for what you have become. (this quote is actually said by Lahkesis through her statue in Lahkesis' temple towards Kratos, before he smashes her (the statues') face in God of War II. However, in the Pool of Blood, it is very clear that Atropos speaks the quote. Possibly a mistake of the developers).


  • I gave you everything!


  • Please, don't do it, Spartan!


  • Wait, I can tell you that to destroy Zeus you must step into the Flame to receive its power.


  • You have what you came for! Let me be!
  • Kratos!


  • Die, Spartan!
  • All of Olympus will fall!


  • Today you may defeat me, but in the end, Kratos, in the end, you'll betray only yourself.


  • You will pay for that, Kratos!


  • A Spartan never lets his back hit the ground, right brother?
  • Don't leave me again, Kratos!


  • Your Hell awaits.
  • Now, tremble at the true face of hatred!

Boat Captain:

  • Oh no, not you again!

Last Spartan:

  • People cried out for you. They begged for their god to save them. But you did not come...


  • Some statements expressed by the voices were previously never heard from their respective characters, only during Kratos' descent into madness in the Pool.
  • Even though Kratos didn't kill his brother Deimos, the latter's voice is heard in the pool of blood. This was most likely done so Kratos would be guilty over his inability to rescue his brother from the Gods.
    • Also Typhon can be heard even though Kratos did not kill him either. However, when killing the gods and the Plagues the world suffered he may have indirectly been the cause of the latter's death.