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After the Great War with the Titans, the oracle foretold the demise of the Olympian Gods, and the destruction of Olympus. She saw that it would be brought about not by the hands of the Titans, who thirsted for revenge, but by the hands of a mortal. A Marked Warrior.


Kratos, the Marked Warrior

The Marked Warrior is a prophecy foretelling the end of Olympus, not at the hands of the Titans, but at those of a mortal with a distinctive mark on his body.

God of War Series

God of War: Ghost of Sparta

When Zeus heard the oracle's prophecy that a mortal "marked warrior" would be the one to destroy Olympus, he sent Ares and Athena to Sparta in the hopes of capturing Deimos, a boy suspected of being the Marked Warrior because of his strange birthmarks. After Deimos was captured, his brother Kratos, who failed to rescue him, vowed never to falter again. In honor of Deimos, Kratos adorned a tattoo on his body, made in the exact image of Deimos' birthmark.

As time passed by, Thanatos, God of Death, had deduced the Marked Warrior was not Deimos, but was in fact Kratos; the ashes of his wife and child being the prophetic mark. Thanatos remarked that Ares should have taken Kratos instead but Thanatos' death saw the secret die with him, until the enigmatic Grave Digger - Zeus in disguise - discovered the truth.

This set in motion of his future plans.

God of War II

Zeus killed Kratos, his own son, in order for the prophecy and the son-killing-father cycle to end. After being slain, Kratos escaped from the Underworld to exact his revenge, continuing the prophecy. During his fight with Zeus, Kratos accidentally struck Athena and discovered his true relation to Zeus moments before her death. Kratos vowed to kill anyone that stood in his way on his quest for vengeance, and he waged war on Olympus in an alliance with the Titans.

God of War III

The prophecy then began to come full circle, with Kratos claiming Poseidon, brother to Zeus, as his first victim. As war raged on, Kratos' murderous rampage took the lives of Hera, Hermes, Helios, Hades, and Hephaestus. After being betrayed by the Titan Gaia, who revealed Kratos as nothing more than a pawn in her plans, the Spartan began to target the Titans as well. Killing god after god, the world grew severely weak by the plagues originating from their deaths. After countless years, and many battles, Kratos' quest finally came to an end with the deaths of both Gaia and Zeus. With the end of Olympus, the prophecy had been fulfilled.