The Lost Pages of Norse Myth is a promotional campaign for God of War (2018). The event is an audio podcast composed of a series of small stories that expand the Nordic universe, along with the backstories of Kratos, Atreus, and other characters.


1. Odin and the Knowledge Keeper

Join a powerful clairvoyant in the search for her lost love and discover that truth always has a price.[1]

2. And Only Rage Remained

Discover the tragic story of one of Midgard's most gruesome creatures.[2]

3. The Dead Stonemason

Learn about the adventure of the skilled giant Thamur and his young and inexperienced son, Hrimthur, when confronting the Norse Gods.[3]

4. The Forging of Leviathan

Visit Brok and Sindri, the Huldra brothers, while forging a weapon that will rival Mjölnir, Thor's hammer, without being aware of the fate that awaits him.[4]

5. Like Father, Like Son

Follow the young Atreus on his first trip through the Nordic world, where danger lurks around every corner.[5]

6. The Sundering of Jötunheim

Learn about the history of Tyr, whose attempts to build a glorious temple that allowed travel between the worlds ended in tragedy.[6]

7. The First Great War

Freyr travels to Asgard, with the gift of a bountiful harvest, but the Aesir's paranoia leads to all-out war. Can Mimir broker a compromise, or will the realms remain mired in conflict?[7]

8. An Eye for an Eye

Odin's rapturous search for the Giants was destroying thee realms. Mimir tried to reason with the One-Eyed KIng, but his arguments went nowhere.[8]


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