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The King's Guard.

The King's Guard is a Spartan soldier who sought to seize Kratos' daughter, Calliope, the moment it was revealed she was infected by a disease.

God of War (Comics)

Shortly after birth, Calliope, newborn child to Kratos, Spartan warrior, was revealed to have been infected by a disease. According to Spartan law, her disease forbid her from living any longer, as Spartan society did not permit weak or diseased children. Along with a number of Spartan soldiers, the King's guard entered Kratos' home to take the child away. Kratos, who would not allow his child to be taken, saw the guard try reasoning, by reminding him of Spartan law, and the necessity of his child's sacrifice.

Still, Kratos was unmoved from his determination to let his child live. Shortly after, an elder suddenly spoke of Ambrosia, a liquid that held the power to heal any wound or illness. Kratos immediately set out for the Ambrosia, but learned he was forced to return in a set number of days, before his daughter would be sacrificed on the peaks of Mount Taygetos.

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