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After escaping of a building that was crushed by an arm of Aegaeon, Kratos finds himself in the Guard House. In this chapter, he is attacked by a Cyclops while using some mechanisms. After killing this creature and using a grapple point, Kratos breaks into a cell with one prisoner: a man whose arms are enchained to the walls.

The man thanks the gods for being free, but suddenly the ceiling of the cell is broken by a second Infected Hand of Aegaeon, which tries to kill. Since the man couldn't break out of his chains, he prays that the gods of Olympus save him, and a light takes him away from there a moment before the impact.

Kratos fights and kills the second Hand of Aegaeon, but then another arm, which was being commanded by Megaera , grabs both him and the dead creature and slams them against Aegaeon's body.

After waking up next to the dead limb, Kratos follows Megaera up through an elevator, while being assaulted by infected hounds and almost smashed by the elevator itself. He escapes all these hazards and climbs a ladder, which gets him to the next chapter: the Hecatonchires.


  • The enchained man who was saved by the gods is actually the warrior used in Multiplayer .


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