Hephaestus cavern Forge

The Forge is the area in the underworld in which Hephaestus is imprisoned and ultimately killed.

God of War Series

God of War III

Kratos comes across Hephaestus working in his forge during his journey through the Underworld, the Forge appears as a fiery cavern that houses a lake of lava that Hephaestus is forced to dwell in. Also from here is the Smith god's anvil, which also doubles as platform for those who seek audience with him. The anvil has two levers opposite of Hephaestus that must be activated in order to lift the Anvil's pointed end. There are many bronze statues of Pandora hanging from the roof above the blacksmith God, all of which were crafted by Hephaestus to try to recreate his 'daughter'. The Nemesis Whip was the final item created in the forge as Hephaestus betrayed Kratos by trying to electrocute him but was killed by the Spartan countering the attack and then stabbing Hephaestus with his own anvil. The Forge also contains a Hyperion Gate that can be used to get to Aphrodite's Chamber.



  • It is the most visited place in God of War III as Kratos has returned four times.


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