The Fate of the Titan is an unlockable video, or cutscene, in God of War. A player can unlock it by beating the game on God Mode. It describes the eventual death of the great Titan Cronos, who had been carrying the Temple of Pandora on his back. Having said that all myths need not be from the past, explorers of today eventually rediscovered it, with the temple still containing many secrets to be discovered. Like all the bonus videos in God of War, The Fate of the Titan is not considered canon, but like the other videos, certain aspects of the scene were adapted for future games, specifically, Cronos' death, as seen in God of War III. In God of War II, Gaia told Kratos, before entering the Island of Creation, "Changing your fate, thus the fate of others." It could be that Cronos was fated to die in the Desert of Lost Souls, but after Kratos had altered time with the Threads of Fate, he was then fated to die in Tartarus. The questions about the "new hero emerging," and the setting being modern times are still unanswered. It is highly possible that during the development of the first game, the creative team had no idea how successful the first game would be. So, the team maybe stuck with the current story arc for various reasons. Thus, rendering this video non-canon.



God of War - Fate of the Titan


  • Like the other videos of God of War, it is retconned in later games.
    • It was the first of the three videos that got this treatment, being retconned in God of War III, the two others were later retconned in God of War: Ghost of Sparta.

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