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The Challenge of Hades

For the Chains of Olympus challenges, see Challenge of Hades

With Poseidon's Trident in his possession, Kratos dives and swims through a passage in the center pool of Pandora's Temple, which brings him to the Challenge of Hades. This is the third and final challenge of the temple's lower levels.

First, Kratos arrives at the Chamber of Hades, where he has to fight some Centaurs, in order to make a sacrifice to the god Hades. Then, he traverses a large maze, defeating hordes of enemies, for later be able to illuminate the Dark Halls. There, he has to find an exit, while avoiding dangerous rolling fireballs. He then defeats more enemies and conquers the deadly Blades of Hades, gigantic blades that consist of large axe heads and saw blades, while balancing on narrow beams.

In the end, he fights and defeats a gigantic armored Minotaur called Pandora's Guardian. Upon defeating the beast, Kratos enters the tomb of the Architect's second son and takes his skull. After that, just before leaving, Hades appears to Kratos, and gives him the Army of Hades ability.


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