Blade of Olympus

Forged from the heaven and earth, this blade banished the Titans to the pits of Tartarus and ended the Great war.

–Ingame description

The Blade of Olympus is a weapon in God of War: Ascension multiplayer available only to warriors who sworn an oath to Zeus. Unlocked by using 3 Ascension tokens on it.


  • Rank 1 - n/a
  • Rank 2 - 75,000 XP
  • Rank 3 - 250,000 XP


  • ​Rank 1 - +8% Physical Power; +12% Elemental Power; +3% Physical Resist
  • Rank 2 - +9% Physical Power; +13% Elemental Power; +4% Physical Resist
  • Rank 3 - +10% Physical Power; +14% Elemental Power; +5% Physical Resist


  • Sparta's Lament: Shockwave attack that send out a radial blast. L1 + Square
  • Divine Reckoning: Drive your sword into the ground summoning a tornado that sucks in opponents. L1 + Triangle


  • It would seem that the weapon is not at full power when used in multiplayer according to Zeus. It needs the power of a God to reach its full potential, making it fitting for the purpose of Gods and Titans alike.

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