Temple 1

Kratos fights in the temple's courtyard.

The Temple of the Oracle is the large temple up the cliffs beyond the central square of Athens. It contains a large room with a reflecting pool and an altar, and long stairway, and an enormous courtyard with many large statues. Interestingly, the temple's back entrance lead to the portal to Olympus.

It was here that Kratos rescues and speaks with the Oracle of Athens. Kratos then later finds himself back at the temple after escaping the Underworld to see that it has fallen into ruins and that Ares had taken the city. In God of War II, Atropos takes Kratos back in time to the temple during the time when he fought his battle with Ares. There, Kratos fights her on the gigantic sword bridge, which is actually the Blade of the Gods, just beyond the temple.

Crafty players are able to make the words "Surrender Kratos" appear in the sky by selecting a firefly on the left side of the Temple, the top of the Grave Digger's mound, and finally, across the bridge away from the Temple.

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