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The Temple of Zeus, built in honor of the leader of Olympus. It stands as a tribute to his might and glory, a symbol of his rule over the Olympians and his dominion over the world of man.


The Temple of Zeus is a new area accessible in God of War: Ghost of Sparta once the game has been completed on any difficulty.

Here the player may sacrifice Red Orbs to unlock bonus content such as galleries and videos, unlike the previous games where such items were unlocked by either completing the games on various difficulties or through the Challenges. The temple consists of a large circular room with a number of orbs around the perimeter and an enormous statue of Zeus at the north end.

The player may approach any of the grey orbs to sacrifice Red Orbs to, thereby unlocking the content within. The orbs cost anywhere from 5,000 to 250,000 Red Orbs. Although the maximum number of Orbs the player can have is 999,999, the total cost to acquire all items is 1,000,000 Red Orbs, forcing the player to get just one extra Orb. The bonus content that may be unlocked includes videos, art galleries, a costume, character packs for the Combat Arena and the Athena Challenges in the Challenge of the Gods.

Secret Area

Once all the content has been unlocked a large column rises up in the center of the temple with a ladder that Kratos may climb. At the top there are two grapple points that lead to the statues' hand which has a crank, and when it is spun it lowers a staircase around the base of the column leading to a cavern containing the Grave Digger's Shovel.


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