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The Temple of Helios is yours to behold but shall only be entered by the bravest of souls. The first to complete these trials shall be granted empyreal immortality.

The Temple of Helios was an online game hosted on the official God of War website at the time of God of War: Chains of Olympus's announcement in 2007. It was created with the intent of promoting the game as well as rewarding the more devoted fans of the franchise with exclusive content by asking several questions that concerned the world of God of War. Those who answered would be rewarded with concept arts, story entries, interviews and etc.

This mini-game was shut down shortly after the game's release, and then entirely removed from the site shortly prior to the release of God of War III.


Concept ArtsEdit

Amongst the unlockable rewards were the multiple concept arts of the early locations of the game, including designs for the Basilisk, Marathon, the Sun Chariot of Helios, Atlas and the Pillar of the World.

Bonus VideosEdit

Several bonus videos and then-unreleased commercials from the time the game was being developed were included as rewards.


An interview with Marianne Krawczyk, one of the foremost writers of the God of War series, was confirmed as one of the rewards. An interview with Marc Turndorf, one of the directors at Ready at Dawn, was also rumored to have been a reward. Since the website was eventually shut down, it is unknown if Turndorf actually did an interview on the website.

God of War: The Lost WorldEdit

God of War: The Lost World was the official name for a series of extensive novel entries released on the website at the time. According to Marianne Krawczyk, they were meant to be a background story for the main characters and villains of Chains of Olympus and a "major entry" to the God of War universe. The entries known to exist focus on the characters Morpheus, Hyperion, Persephone, Atlas and Helios.

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