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Kratos at the Temple.

The Temple of Athena is an unfinished temple found on the island of Crete.

God of War: Ghost of Sparta

While traversing through the now burning island of Crete, Kratos came across this temple and found a statue of Athena. He shouted at the statue, proclaiming the gods lied to him about Deimos. After a moment of silence, Athena responded, and attempted to warn Kratos about the dangers ahead, and others who would stop him from finding Deimos. Enraged, Kratos destroyed the statue with his blade. Kratos went through Heraklion and found the Key of Crete; he then returned to the desecrated temple to open a Gate of Crete found nearby in order to proceed.



  • Athena's Owl can be found in the rubble near the statue. It can later be use on Bonus Play after beating the game.

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