They built this temple to offer prayers to Athena! This entire village stands as an affront to Lord Ares! Burn this village! Burn it to the ground!


In God of WarEdit

Temple of athena

The Temple of Athena in flames.

The Temple of Athena was a temple dedicated to the goddess Athena, located in a small village. During his service to Ares, Kratos and his soldiers raided and destroyed the village,mercilessly killed everyone inhabiting it, and entered the temple, not heeding the Village Oracle's warning, and slaughtered everyone inside. Upon doing so however, Ares pulled a very cruel trick on him and betrayed him. Infuriated, and void of conscious thinking, Kratos killed everyone inside, including his wife and daughter. At that point, Kratos finally realized he could no longer serve Ares.

During his final battle with Ares, Kratos was brought back to a false version of this same temple as part of Ares' illusion, where he had to save his wife and child again, albeit from an army of Doppelgängers of himself. As the fight progresses, the fake temple is destroyed, leaving nothing but the area where Kratos originally killed his family behind.

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