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The Temple of Ares is a Spartan location where Ares was once worshipped and where the Skull of Keres is hidden.

God of War: Ghost of Sparta

Temple of Ares

After Kratos had entered Sparta, he came to this temple, where he saw the Last Spartan, and a few others, destroying a statue of Ares. After the Last Spartan had left to retrieve the Arms of Sparta for Kratos, Kratos ventured forward into the temple. Next to another statue of Ares inside the temple, he came across a large mirror. Reaching his hand towards the mirror, his reflection suddenly attempted to pull Kratos inside. As he pulled his hand away, his reflection changed into his younger self, only to jump out and attack him. Kratos, however, was able to defeat his reflection and subsequently destroy the mirror. After having found the Skull of Keres, Kratos returned to Atlantis in order to enter Death's Domain and save Deimos.


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