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Tatzelwurms are snake-like feline enemies that appear in God of War (2018). They usually appear in groups of two or more, often with other enemies.

They attack Kratos either by burrowing and launch out towards him or biting. If they are stunned, Kratos can finish the beasts either by violently slamming them into the ground by their tails or by ripping out their hearts.


In Alpine folklore, the Tatzelwurm or Stollenwurm is a lizard-like creature, often described as having the face of a cat, with a serpent-like body which may be slender or stubby, with four short legs or two forelegs. 

The alleged creature is sometimes said to be venomous, or attacks with poisonous breath and to make a high-pitched or hissing sound.

Anecdotes describing encounters with the creature or briefly described lore about them can be found in several areas of Europe, including the Austrian, Bavarian, Italian and Swiss Alps. It has several other regional names, including BergstutzSpringwurmPraatzelwurm, and in French, arassas.

Types of Tatzelwurm

Tatzelwurms come in two different classes:

  • Tatzelwurm: Normal ones.
  • Cursed Tatzelwurm: Similar to the regular ones, but can inflict poison damage.



  • Tatzelwurms are equivalent of Gorgons. Both are serpentine, quickly evade, and they can attack by whipping him with their fast deadly tail. But the main difference to Gorgons is the ability to gaze, while the Tatzelwurms ability to burrowing and launch out, also they spitting their venom to inflict damage.
  • There is a creature in the Mountains similar to the Tatzelwurm. Loot Lizard can burrow but not attack, the only way to kill the creature is to command Atreus to shoot it which grants loot.
  • The head of the Tatzelwurms resembles that of Smilodon, the famous sabre-toothed cat of Pleistocene South and North America.