The Talon Bow is Atreus' primary weapon in God of War (2018).



The longbow was made out of a yew tree by Atreus' mother, who also taught him how to use it during their practice hunts. She made it larger than usual so he could grow into it. It's used alongside a quiver that holds the arrows.

During the journey, the Witch of the Woods gives the bow a magical string that can be imbued with the light of Alfheim to imbue its arrows with said light, which becomes useful in activating the Elves' light crystals to create solid light bridges. Much later, Sindri uses a tooth of the recently slain Hræzlyr to imbue the string with the Dragon's lightning power, which can also imbue its arrows with lightning to destroy blocking walls of crystallized World Tree sap. Atreus seems to enchant his arrows with spoken incantations that vary depending of the element he's using.

The bow can be continuously upgraded by the Dwarf smiths Brok and Sindri to increase the arrow shooting speed and the strength of the melee blows, and its quiver can also be upgraded to increase the amount of arrows it holds.

Besides shooting arrows, Atreus can use the bow as a blunt weapon when he gains confidence in battle, capable of knocking down, trampling and temporary holding his father's opponents. It's also the only weapon that can use Runic Summons. Besides assisting Kratos in combat, the Talon Bow's primary purpose is to distract the enemies.


Nista: The regular non-elemental arrow shots that can build up the enemies' stun meter. This type of shot becomes obsolete and unavailable later in the game.

Ljösta: The light elemental arrow shots that can build up the enemies' stun meter much quicker. Further upgrading allows for large blasts of light that hurt nearby enemies.

Þruma: The electric elemental arrow shots that can paralyze lesser enemies. Further upgrading allows for multiple enemies to receive electrical damage simultaneously.


  • The Quiver upgrade only gives additional arrow bonus at the maximum level.
  • Unlike other main weapons equipable by the main character in the series, the Talon bow is not an inherently magical weapon, but it eventually became one through enchantment and improvement.
  • Like the Leviathan, Talon Bow is never mentioned by name, always simply referred to as "bow".
  • During Atreus' burst of ego as a result of learning of his divine parentage, he will not shout the usual words when firing his magical arrows, often replacing them with "whatever".
  • Unlike Kratos' weapons, the Talon Bow's upgrade require no special material, instead costing a relatively huge sum of Hacksilver.
  • The words which Atreus shouts while firing the Talon Bow are Norse words:
    • "Nista" means to strike or to nail.
    • "Ljósta" in Old Norse means to strike or to hit.
    • "Þruma" is the Old Norse word for thunderclap.


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